The most under-appreciated trekking routes in the Himalayas



Travelers and adventurers from all around the world are going to the Himalayas in order to discover new trails for hiking as well as the top mountains that are not yet explored and take on the most difficult hikes and challenging terrain, leading to the discovery of well-known trek routes. The Himalayas are among the most stunning places in north India to trek and are a favorite place for tourists to visit. Each valley has its own unique area for adventure. Everyone can find something you can do within the Himalayas with everything from short weekend excursions to extensive advanced climbing opportunities.


If you’re an avid traveler seeking out some amazing new trekking destinations in India This site offers information about a number of different trekking routes within the Himalayas that will. Let me guide you through an online tour of breathtaking off-the-beaten-path treks within the Indian Himalayas. Read More

A list of the most interesting and unusual locations

  • The Himachal Pradesh’s Hampta Pass Trek: A Tale of Two Cities

The trek to Hampta Pass

The journey is comparable to stories about two towns. This trek, which starts with the Manali’s Kullu Valley and continues across the Hampta Pass before passing through the beautiful Spiti Valley is a mountain-lovers wish that comes true. The landscape changes in a single hour; you could be strolling through meadows that are lush and green and then the next could be walking towards the snowline along the banks of a river. One of the toughest treks in Himachal you can explore all the sides of the state when you go on this Hampta Pass trip.

If the weather is good it is possible to hike to the stunning Chandratal Lake, which serves as a replacement of Lake Ladakh’s Pangong Lake.

Start Point of Hampta Pass: Jobra, situated 42 km from Manali Jobra serves as the camp base for Hampta Trek.

Manali, Jobra, Jwara, Balu ka Ghera, Hampta Pass, Shea Goru, Chatru, and back to Manali are the trekking route.

The views from The Spiti valley and shifting landscape are some of the highlights on this trek. Hampta Pass Trek.

Hampta Pass is 14,035 feet tall.

Hampta Pass Trekking Season: Mid-June to Mid-October

A trek up through the Hampta Pass takes six days.

Hardiness Moderate

  • Kalicho Pass Kalicho Pass in Jammu and Kashmir

You need approval from the Banni Mata Temple before crossing the pass. Only three groups per year are allowed to walk the pass. The guidelines above are strictly adhered to and the groups are expected to complete the walk within the specified time. The walk, which is one of the toughest of our selections is going to put your mental and physical strength up to the challenge. You should do this to feel the sense of satisfaction you’ll get when you’ve completed the climb. It is necessary to have previous trekking experience to be able to tackle one of the numerous unexplored trails in India since it will assist you to find trails.

  • Trek to Brahmatal

Brahmatal, a difficult winter trek is a trek for snow lovers. It’s not difficult in terms of effort In winter months, temperatures of 5o Celsius are not uncommon. There aren’t many hikes that are suitable for winter, but the Brahmatal hike is among India’s most unique winter hikes. traversing through thick forest that leads to the vast and wide snowfield. As you climb to the top of the mountain at the bottom of the climb Mt. Trishul as well as Mt. Nanda Ghunti seem to be in close proximity. In addition, you can have an area known as the Roopkund Trek. There are few treks that have a lake that is high altitude and the Brahmatal excursion lets you trek to two of these lakes.

  • The Uttarakhand’s Har Ki Doon Trek: Stairway to Heaven

The journey of Har Ki DoonThe proper method to end the journey is to complete the final step and listen to the music of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. Har Ki Doon’s journey is an experience unlike similar one, and is frequently referred to as a ladder leading to paradise. It can be the sole one so deeply rooted in Hindu mythology. The views you see during this tour are spectacular because it is believed that Pandava utilized Swargarohini the mountain that is located over Har Ki Doon Valley, as his route to paradise. An experience that takes you back to the past will traverse through a variety of historic communities in the Garhwal Himalayan Mountains some of them are over 3000 years old.

  • The West Bengal’s Sandakphu Trek: Attend two locations at the same time

The majority of the trip will be spent following the Sleeping Buddha. The trail is a vast array of terrain. It is a great trek for all levels of fitness. Sandakphu Trek offers one of the most memorable trekking experiences in India and features a stunning the scenery of mountains, ridges, dark alpine forests as well as bamboo forest. You’ll get an increase in your Instagram profile that you’ve wanted with stunning sunrise and sunset.

  • The most spectacular offbeat hike in India is the one to The Kashmir’s Great Lakes.

Indian Great Lakes

It is said that the Kashmir Great Lakes Trip is without doubt the most stunning trek in India. Certain treks are close to being similar but Kashmir Great Lakes ultimately takes the first spot. The trek takes you through the spectacular landscape of Kashmir.


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