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Top 10 Places to Visit Kasol

INTRODUCTION: In the tranquil part of Himachal Pradesh, located in northwestern India, Kasol is a tiny, but beautiful suburb located along the banks of the...

Top 10 Tips on how to prepare for the Everest Base Camp Trek

1. Get Ready for your Trip   The climb up towards Everest Base Camp is a simple walk. To be able to complete the hike it...

5 Destinations Within And Around Kasol

INTRODUCTION: The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh state hosts the Kasol settlement of Kasol. Kasol is located in the Parvati valley, which is the place...

The most under-appreciated trekking routes in the Himalayas

INTRODUCTION: Travelers and adventurers from all around the world are going to the Himalayas in order to discover new trails for hiking as well as...

How do I plan my weekend excursion for Triund Trek?

INTRODUCTION: It is logical that there are a lot of new companies offering a diverse variety of travel packages to Triund. It's not unusual to...