User Guide to Consuming Kratom Effectively


You must be all excited to try this new herb, kratom. But before you jump to the first store that comes your way, know that only licensed vendors are found to sell genuine kratom. You don’t want this herb mixed with other herbs, or get an old pack that has stale powder on its leaves.

How to get pure and fresh kratom?

To get pure and fresh kratom, search for “kratom shop near me,” which will direct you toward GMP-certified vendors. They carry a fine selection of products, including kratom in its powdered form, capsule form, softgels, gummies, shots, and more. These vendors also harbor different strains and varieties of kratom. This renders a more pleasant and cost-effective shopping experience.

How to use kratom capsules?

A popular product of kratom, capsules are best used first thing in the morning with a glass of plain water.

Users also report taking kratom capsules with citrus juice. Some have even tried milk. See what suits you best because kratom works differently for people.

If you are taking it for the first time, take one capsule of 1.0 or 1.5 grams with a glass of plain water on an empty stomach.

Please note:

For people with sensitive digestive systems, you may have a light snack before trying this herb.

Please avoid taking this herb after a heavy breakfast. You won’t get the effects.

Kratom softgels are also available; take them in the same way as you take capsules, but mind you, softgels contain concentrated kratom, while capsules contain powdered whole leaves.

How to use kratom powder?

Another popular kratom product, the powder, is a versatile form of this herb. You can use it in various ways.

The most popular way is ‘toss and wash.’ Do it with plain water. Some people wash it down with citrus juice or milk. Again, it’s a matter of choice and suitability.

Many users report adding the powder to yogurt, pancake recipe, batter of cake, and other recipes. They sprinkle it over salad and sandwiches and enjoy the powder in various interesting ways.

Please note:

Use powder in any way you like, but make sure you take it within your required dose.

How to use kratom gummies?

Gummies of kratom are concentrated forms of this herb, so be careful about the dose. Gummies are meant to be chewed, but some users of kratom in Iowa have reported “melt” the gummy and mixing it in their food recipe – a creative way to use a gummy.

How to use kratom shots?

This is another highly concentrated form of kratom. Shots are supposed to be gulped down in one go. Ensure you buy it from a certified dealer, as discussed earlier. When you take a shot, be ready to taste the real kratom. Some popular shots are unflavored, pure, and simply awesome.

Use kratom in any way you like, but correctly and carefully. This will make you enjoy its effects to the fullest. Contact a licensed kratom shop today.


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