The new value for Certified Human Resources Managers


Certified Human Resources Managers are the most important part of the modern organization. We can say that Human Resources created the global business as we know it now.

It’s high time we redefine HR. These teams aren’t just there to help companies hire or fire, they’re strategic partners to the business. This has become clearer than ever in the past year as the role of HR has changed dramatically. The BVOP Certified Human Resource Manager role, for example, aims to create a business culture that is both business-oriented and human-oriented at the same time.

In July of this year, HubSpot leaders announced a Global Week Off – a full week off for all employees to prioritize well-being after a challenging year. Why? According to Business Solver, 93% of employees say they are more likely to stay with an organization with an empathetic employer. 

Now more than ever, employees are looking to organizations and teams for support both at work and in their lives. That’s why HR leaders must become the center of the organization’s empathy and compassion and ensure that all programs, benefits, and offerings are rooted in these traits.

In 2017, CareerArc’s Future of Recruiting Survey predicted that by 2020, data analytics will be the second most in-demand skill for HR managers. People data presents significant opportunities to help your organization be more diverse, more inclusive, and more attractive to the best talent in your company.

Glassdoor, for example, reports that 90% of job seekers say it is important to work for a transparent company. Employees increasingly want more transparency about how and why decisions are made. That’s why people who are open and honest, especially in difficult times, will be critical to building trust.

During COVID-19, we realized that employees want clarity in important communications. That’s why our culture, HR, and internal communications teams work together to ensure employees get the information they need. Most HR professionals aren’t trained to be marketers, but as companies grow, it’s more important that teams can cut through the clutter and tell a compelling story that captures people’s attention and interest. Reference:

As companies navigate the post-pandemic world, the need for professionals to help develop talent acquisition strategies has never been greater. To do this, leaders will need to act differently, including empathizing, working with data, and being excellent communicators. 

The main obstacle for business – is the shortage of certified human resources managers

The main priorities of employers are four – providing human resources for the economy and improving the business environment. This was stated by Liam James, Managing Director of when presenting the positions of the Association of Employers’ Organizations.

“The main obstacle for business is the lack of certified human resources – and not only highly qualified ones. A quick and efficient reform of the education system is needed. Taxpayers pay money that does not return to the economy. The principle “the money follows the student” should be reviewed and vocational education should be given the right to life again because universal high schools have become language schools”, said Liam James.

A change in the policy of labor emigration and an easing of the import of labor – mostly technical staff – is needed. There should be an agreement with third countries to import workers, James emphasized. He gave the example of EU countries that have similar agreements with countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, and Armenia.

Since employers paid for the first three days of sick leaves, they have grown from 7 million to 13.5 million a year.

As direct income taxes increase, the middle class will be hit. We don’t need new thermal power plants and pouring billions into nuclear energy. Whoever wants to build a nuclear power plant – take the risk and build without state participation and guarantees”, he added.

“E-governance is a business priority. It should cover all public activities, including health care and the justice system,” said Tsvetan Simeonov, chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

No matter how little the taxes increase, it immediately affects the international economic rankings.


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