How to Choose the Best Salesforce Alternative Software for business?


Salesforce automation software provides functionality that assists firms in managing their sales pipeline, configuring products, and tracking their contacts. They offer a mechanism for gathering, storing, evaluating, and distributing customer-related information to managers and salespeople. The software provides a 360-degree view to sales representatives about customer interactions.

Although managing a sales team seems quite challenging as there are many obstacles you have to face every day. The challenge gets more difficult when you deal with a large sales team resulting in large problems in the future. However, you will easily overcome this issue if you have good Salesforce automation CRM software integrated into your system. But how will you choose the right software if you have not integrated any salesforce software in your system yet? Here the blog can help you select the right software as it discusses some essential factors below.

What is Salesforce Automation Software? 

Salesforce automation software automates the business tasks such as tracking conversations with customers, performing sales analysis and its performance and inventory control. Also, the software lets the sales team hassle-free analyze the key metrics such as conversion rates, win-loss ratio, lead time etc.

 For the admins and managers, the Salesforce automation CRM software helps them present a detailed outline of how their sales team is performing based on services, leads, products, and areas. Simply put, the salesforce automation software helps you track sales faster to accomplish your tasks quickly.

Things to consider for selecting the right salesforce automation software- 

Once you have understood the basic concept of the salesforce software and what benefits it can provide you, start looking for the right software while considering the factors mentioned below-

Demand Analysis: The salesforce software is created to meet specific needs or efficiently complete day-to-day business operations. The general tasks comprise sales support, forecasting, tracking, reporting, scheduling, follow-ups, and contact management. What tasks or activities do you want to automate with the software? Do you have good automation tools?

ConvergeHub is one platform that provides you with all the necessary tools and features at once. It offers all the required and additional tools a business expects from software. Because of this principle, the firms do not have to look for any other salesforce alternative in the market.

Try it before you buy: Most software solution providers offer a free trial that you can test before actually purchasing it. ConvergeHub is also one of those providers and the best salesforce alternative that provides a free demo of their software through a web conference that lasts 30 minutes. Take benefit of this characteristic and know whether the platform is right for you. Ensure that you can use the features based on existing processes. Hence, it is necessary to conduct the test before buying the license.

Email/SMS Notification: Since the sales team can access the content anywhere, anytime, the best Salesforce automation CRM software must add this feature. This software characteristic will alert you whenever any activity, trigger or request needs immediate action. This enhances the responsiveness and efficiency of the team.

Learn about the key features: Ensure that the software’s main function should be its ability to automate maximum tasks. The sales automation software or SFA software should involve the characteristic you require for your business.

Determine who is already using it: Be cautious about the system you use in the market. Pay attention to the customers of your supplier. As a responsible firm, you will not want to buy software that no one uses in the industry. Check references from your industry friends about the platform and then take the right decision.

User-friendliness of the tool: Operating the software platform can sometimes be complicated. It may involve a feature that you don’t need. Additionally, you can easily discover the activities that are generally done on your system. Also, the dashboard should provide all the necessary information you need at your fingertips. The easy-to-use is essential as it takes a long time to use the tool.

Finally, there is cost: Select an ERP solution or cloud-based premise keeping the budget in mind. First, do not prioritize the cost over features when searching for the best platform. At the same time, get a platform that offers the required functionality within your budget instead of going beyond.


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