How do you use your car vacuum cleaner at home?


Vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular for their cleaning abilities. This has led to them being a household essential. It will be difficult and messy if no vacuum cleaner is available. What will you do if your vacuum cleaner is broken or needs repair? It would help if you did your cleaning chores right away. If you own a car vacuum, the answer to all your cleaning chores could be in your car. Wait! But wait! We have written a whole article on converting a vacuum cleaner from a car into a home-use model.Read also about:vinyl flooring Dubai       


There is generally a difference between home vacuums and car vacuums in how they are connected and powered. A home vacuum system uses an alternating current (AC), while car vacuum cleaners use direct current (DC). You will need to convert the power source to allow you to use your car vacuum cleaner with the household mains. Can run the vacuum cleaner in your home by simply converting the power source.

You should check the power rating on your vacuum cleaner’s body. The ideal home power supply rating should be 220V from your grid. To find the vacuum’s power rating, check the vacuum. The 12V DC rating is the norm for a Car vacuum. After determining the rating, the next step is calculating how much current it needs to run safely without damaging it.

The task is to find a way to convert a 220-volt AC supply into a 12V DC supply unit. Car vacuum cleaners draw around ten amps of power, so 100W is required.

Your Options

Because many homes already have a PSU desktop device, this is the cheapest way to get your car vacuum cleaner running. The PSU unit will provide you with about 400W of power without causing any damage to your car vacuum cleaner. These are the steps you need to follow to connect your vacuum cleaner properly.Read also about:vinyl flooring in dubai              

First, remove the outer case of the vacuum cleaner to reveal the power section.

Once you have located the power section, disconnect the connection to the batteries.

Connect the vacuum cleaner’s wires to your desktop’s PSU. Then, attach a cord to provide power to the socket.

After you’ve done that, place the PSU in the right position and align it with the mains and vacuum to increase conductivity. To prevent accidents during cleaning, this is important.

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Device options

You don’t have to open the vacuum cleaner’s outer shell to use a PSU. Your car vacuum cleaner has a plug to charge a cigarette lighter. You will need a power supply capable of delivering at least eight amps at 12V. Amazon and eBay both have these socket devices. The next step after you’ve located the device is to purchase a cigarette lighter connector to connect it with the power supply.

Using the two-in-1 vacuum cleaner

A two-in-one vacuum cleaner can be a great way to reduce conversion hassles. Two-in-one vacuum cleaners are usually equipped with removable technology. This makes them more portable and easier to use. These features are important for both your car and home vacuum cleaners:

It should have two cleaning modes, one with an extended handle that can be used as a traditional vacuum and the other for car cleaning.

You will need connectors to use a car cigarette lighter as that is the main power port of a vacuum car.

Ensure that your product is light enough to be used for both types.

Make sure the package includes a variety of accessories for both traditional and car vacuuming.

You should also use a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are the best choice, as you will use them as multi-choice tools.


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