What is VCT floors?


VCT Tile Dubai- A popular desire for most people

VCT tile or vinyl composite tiles are a unique flooring solution, serving as a durable choice for the centered audience of vinyl flooring dubai . VCT tile setup is popularly recognized in buildings, faculties, hospitals, and other premises. VCT tile in Dubai is extraordinary from the average vinyl tile because of the composition, which allows the answer to having higher tiers of vinyl filers.

Blessings of VCT tile set up

  • Enhances look and durability

Because durability and durability are the two most essential elements, VCT tiles in Dubai receive a high call. They are liable to take care of the abuse, letting themselves stand up significantly for the each-day utilization. At vinyl flooring in Dubai, our strong creation and lengthy-lasting attractiveness make this flooring solution a favored choice of the majority.

  • Less difficult preservation

To ensure durability, our experts propose preserving the flooring answer well so they final longer time than anticipated. Even though it is accurate that the development of scratches does take area with the passage of time, the protective wax coating, stripping, and buffing by the experts at vinyl flooring in Dubai can do so. 

  • The making

The production of the VCT floor covers a variety of wax layers that create a put on coat problem to scratches, scrubbing, and rough treatment of the heavy visitors. This takes place only while the layer of wax starts off evolved to go to the pot. At this sort of time, re-waxing the ground then gives a simple look, assisting it out closing longer. Using wonderful fabric together with the refinished base is what can assist in grabbing a beautiful outlook of the place.    

  • Affordability

Except for the stableness and electricity, VCT tiles accommodate the kind of flooring fabric that is simple to have enough money. Being made available in distinct colors, designs, and patterns, those serve perfectly despite the price. At vinyl flooring in Dubai, our specialists offer self-leveling without charge, protecting the imperfection of the flooring floor.   

Why choose us?

Being imparting the two fundamental types of vinyl for VCT tiles in Dubai, our specialists at vinyl floors in Dubai is serving as the supplier of classic flooring solutions for factories, industries, homes, and so on. The versatility of styles and designs at the side of the minuscule cracks to take location makes the floors an antibacterial one. Its’ anti-slippery feature is what enables one to ward off the damage and accidents to take region. The addition of composition within the flooring answer makes it a noise free flooring. Want to avail our top-rated fine offerings? At  Parquet flooring in Dubai our representatives are simply at a distance from a cellphone call. So no matter in case you need a pattern of the product or want alternate ideas to pick the fine, ring us to get the correct measurement of the installment location. Our doorstep delivery, along with freed from cost installation, gives us a choice over the others.

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