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A good prankster no longer uses his or her grandma’s button-pressing phone to make prank calls. There are no good pranksters left who phone the laborious pizza delivery drivers to order a slew of pizzas they never intend to pay for. That’s just plain snobbish right now, and it’s also wickedly nasty. So, if prank calls are still made, but not in the manner described above, what are the best and most entertaining methods for making hoax calls currently? You’ve guessed it: fake call applications are the answer! Learn More

What is a spoof call app, and how does it work?

In the event of a phone call, you may be able to see the name of the person making the call, as well as their phone number. You can tell right away who is trying to get in touch with you. While it may be inconvenient, it may also be the most convenient method of calling your victim, because you don’t need another phone to make the call yourself. A new phone number is difficult to get unless you’re a millionaire like Jeff Bezos or a big money-making tycoon. If you don’t want that, we’ll make it happen for you! Fake call apps can help with this. This spoof call app does what? In essence, spoof call apps collect your personal information, such as your phone number and name, then mask it with a fictitious one. It’s done! You may even spoof your location like you do in Pokemon Go with these apps. That’s pretty cool, huh? Read More

Is it safe to use these Spoof Calling Apps?

Before you install a spoof call app, ask yourself why you’re doing so. Are you using it to make light fun of someone, or are you using it in a damaging (and maybe unlawful) manner? ” There is no need to be concerned if your answer is the former, that you simply wish to make fun of someone. If your answer is yes, and you intend to use these apps for unsafe purposes, you should not even consider downloading them in the first place! It is generally okay to use a spoofing programme if you are not doing anything illegal. Anyone can’t find out anything about it. When it comes to tracing technologies used by the government, however, that’s when you’re in big trouble. That means that if you keep it safe, there is nothing to be concerned about!

After learning about spoof call applications and when and when to use them, it’s time to learn about the most popular spoof call apps now available! What are you waiting for?

Spoof Call Apps in Google Play or Apple App Store: The following are the top six best Spoof Call Apps for Android and iOS.

Pranks on Your Own Self

Ownage Pranks are the only ones who appreciate the need of anonymity and security better than anybody else in the world. In our opinion, the best spoof call app is this one, because it’s created just for making hoax calls. Master pranksters, who have been making prank calls for more than a decade, are behind it. Isn’t it incredible how quickly things can change? They are always up to speed on the latest technologies, so you can rest easy knowing they know what they’re doing! There are a number of pre-made scripts that can be used for some light entertainment. They’ve never missed a single shot! You can see exactly what we’re talking about if you go to Google Play or the Apple App store and download them. Nobody conducts pranks like these, so put it on your list of prank applications to utilise!

Make A False Telephone Call To Me

While not the best pranking app, you can be creative with this one if that’s what you’re looking for. Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to escape out of a dinner party but don’t have a friend to pretend to call? Then Fake Me A Call might be worth a shot! With this software, you may change your phoney caller’s phone number and photo with ease. You can even programme a call to be received at a specific time in the future when you wish to get out of a bad circumstance. Plus, what else? When you hold the phone up to your face, the screen dims, simulating the experience of getting a real phone call.


If you want to use TextPlus’s services, you’ll have to watch adverts. To make light-hearted fun of others, you get your own fake/anonymous phone number after signing up.


Using Talkatone, you may make and receive phone calls and texts anonymously. Just keep in mind that this isn’t free, and you may need to spend a few credits on it. But isn’t it far less expensive than signing up for a new phone plan or purchasing a burner phone?

This Is a Phone Bot

My Phone Robot is a simple yet effective spoof call application. Spoof call apps do exactly what this one does: they mask your phone number. When interacting with others, a separate one is displayed. As an added bonus, you may use a respectable number of credits to access a diverse library of pre-recorded messages that poke fun at your targets.


Dingtone isn’t your typical spoof calling software, but you can still have some fun with it! However, it does not totally obscure your identity and location. Even so, it’s a simple and enjoyable method to get a new phone number for free. If you want to take advantage of these deals, you’ll have to view a few adverts. Of course, if you want to use this service, why not? It’ll only take a few seconds.


Because each app works differently, it’s critical to understand what you’re looking for in a prank before committing to a membership or purchasing credits. All that matters is that you don’t intend to use these spoof call apps to conduct illegal business or do anything else damaging. No matter how difficult it may be to track down a spoof call, you should never play games with the authorities since they will know exactly what you did. Just have some lighthearted fun with these apps, please? We hope you have a wonderful pranking experience!


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