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Rick Morlan, the current owner of George Morlan Plumbing Supply, took over the family business in 1989 and opened a second location in Tigard, Oregon. His grand opening was national news and was attended by thousands of people. Today, the company operates eight locations, each with its own unique identity and spirit.

History of george morlan plumbing supply

The history of George Morlan Plumbing Supply can be traced back to 1927, when George Alfred Morlan moved to Portland, Oregon. With a Ford truck and help from a friend, he began his own plumbing business and was soon known as “the Water Heater King.” By the mid-1930s, the Great Depression had begun, but many new homes were being built in the Portland suburbs, so Morlan’s company was able to weather the economic downturn. He expanded his plumbing supply shop and hired help to increase the business. Read more

During this time, the company also opened locations on the Oregon coast in Lincoln City and Warrenton. In addition to a Salem location, the company also opened a design center showroom in NW Portland and a Pro Sale/Distribution Center in Beaverton. Eventually, George Morlan Plumbing Supply expanded to eight locations, including Tigard. Despite the growth of the company, the values and traditions of its predecessors remain rooted in its dedication to excellent service.

Today, George Morlan Plumbing is a family business with three generations of Morlan family members. The founding father retired in 1965 and his son, Gary, took over the business. His wife Leone Kramien brought a background in show business and merchandising to the business. In addition to running the Foster Road location, Gary Morlan also oversees a plumbing crew.

Customer service of George Morlan Plumbing Supply

Customer service is an essential part of any business and the people at George Morlan Plumbing Supply understand that. The owner grew his business by emphasizing expertise and customer service. He often repaired problems on the spot and walked customers through projects. He was an excellent example of the value of customer service.

A family-owned business, George Morlan Plumbing Supply has eight locations in SW Washington and Oregon. They carry the largest selection of plumbing supplies in the Northwest, with hundreds of brands and more than 200,000 items in stock. The company has been serving homeowners in Oregon and SW Washington for over 90 years and is a leader in plumbing supplies. Learn More


The largest plumbing showroom in the Pacific Northwest, George Morlan Plumbing Supply offers more than 200,000 plumbing items. Whether you’re building a custom home or remodeling an existing one, you can find the right product for your project at George Morlan. The company has been serving homeowners, builders, remodelers, and designers for four generations. From small home remodels to large-scale commercial projects, you’re sure to find the right product for your project at George.

The business began in 1927 when George Morlan moved to Portland, Oregon. He started the business with a Ford pickup and one helper. As the electric water heater became popular in the mid-1930s, Morlan saw the potential. He became known as “The Water Heater King.” In the 1960s, he welcomed his son Gary to the company, and he soon became a partner full-time. In 1965, his wife, Leone Kramien, joined the Morlan family. She brought her expertise to the family business.

Expertise of George Morlan Plumbing Supply

A family business with more than three-quarters of a century of experience, George Morlan Plumbing Supply recently expanded into a new upscale location in Northwest Portland. This location features the largest selection of plumbing fixtures and accessories in the Northwest. The business now represents many of the world’s leading manufacturers.

In addition to plumbing fixtures, the company offers a wide variety of electrical products. In addition to hundreds of brands and 200,000 items in stock, George Morlan offers wholesale electrical products, including products for building standards and land uses. It also offers control and automation products and services. George Morlan’s history of service is an impressive example of its dedication to its clients.

Community involvement

The roots of the George Morlan Plumbing Supply company go back to the mid-1930s. Originally a one-room shop in Southeast Portland, it has since expanded to several locations around Oregon. The company’s community involvement is a hallmark of the company and can be seen throughout its many locations.

With eight locations throughout SW Washington and Oregon, George Morlan Plumbing Supply has served thousands of customers for over nine decades. The company is one of the largest plumbing retail companies in America, representing nearly every major plumbing manufacturer in the world. With over 90 years of experience, the company is well-equipped to meet the needs of its clients.

The widest selection in the Northwest

The George Morlan plumbing supply company provides customers with the largest selection of plumbing fixtures in the Northwest. The company was founded in 1927, and the company headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon. They offer plumbing solutions for residential and commercial applications, as well as water heater installation and whole house fixtures. They are committed to providing their customers with excellent service and high-quality products.

George Morlan Plumbing Supply is home to hundreds of brand-name items and more than 200,000 items in stock. Their vast selection of plumbing products includes sinks, faucets, and more. For homeowners, a wide range of faucets and sinks is available, as well as sinks from Elkay and Blanco. They also offer a variety of control and automation products.

The company was founded in 1927 by George Alfred Morlan. He started a plumbing business with one helper and a Ford truck. When the electric water heater was invented in the mid-1930s, George Morlan immediately saw its benefits. He was soon nicknamed “the Water Heater King” by customers and sold a large number of them. The company grew and expanded and now includes a showroom and plumbing parts counter


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