Xi and Biden May Talks In Next Few Weeks


National security adviser for the United States

Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser for the United States, stated on Monday that US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will likely speak with one another within the next few weeks. Sullivan cited growing convergence among Nato and G7 members regarding the threat that China poses. Read More

Group of Seven wealthy democracies

In a communique that releases on Tuesday, the Group of Seven wealthy democracies will address China’s non-market economic practices, its approach to debt, and its actions regarding human rights, while a NATO strategic concept that  releases later this week will address China in “ways that have never been done before,” he said.

G7 conference in southern Germany

Sullivan told reporters at the G7 conference in southern Germany that there is “growing convergence” regarding the threat posed by China. “We do think that there is increasing convergence, both at the G7 and at Nato,” Sullivan said. Learn More

According to Sullivan, the leaders of the G7 countries perceived a “urgent need” for communication and convergence on a number of problems, including China’s non-market economic policies, its practises with regard to developing countries’ debt, and its approach to human rights.

China’s actions

On the other hand, he states that the greater attention that pays to China’s actions on both the economic and security fronts does not suggest that the West is looking to start a new cold war.

He stated that “we are not aiming to divide the world into competing blocs and make every country pick. We want to be known for upholding a set of standards that are equitable to all parties. And we want to make sure that. We’re working with allies who share our values to make sure that. China is held responsible for following those norms.

G7 leaders made a commitment

G7 leaders made a commitment on Sunday to generate $600 billion in private. And public funding over the next five years in order to finance necessary infrastructure in developing nations. And compete with China’s older Belt and Road project. Which is estimates to cost multiple trillions of dollars.


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