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Full-fledge Unquestionably necessary for any business to operate successfully today are Word to PDF editors. Every industry, whether it be a large corporate business, educational institution, or government agency, has prioritized using PDF because of its compatibility and convenience. This article will talk about the best PDF editor that works on both Mac and Windows.

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Part 1: Mac and Windows versions of UPDF

UPDF is a robust, quick, and practical PDF editor that offers a full solution for Windows and Mac users in a single piece of software. It enables users to do a variety of tasks on PDF files, including editing, conversion, organizing, and annotation. It even provides a premium professional service, such conversion utilizing OCR, as well as a solution for infrequent PDF users, like on-the-go text editing or adding comments.

1. Effortless and elegant user interface

Users of all backgrounds may use UPDF with ease thanks to its cutting-edge and user-friendly interface. Users can apply and handle various characteristics on their significant PDF documents using its simple interface. To further provide a reasonable user experience, UPDF constantly improves its free PDF editor.

2. A step-by-step guide to editing PDFs

One of the most frequently utilized capabilities by both people and businesses is editing PDF files. In light of this, UPDF offers users a simple editing method that allows them to manually alter any text, images, or links in a PDF file.

Text can be changed in terms of its alignment, color, style, size, and font, as well as its addition, deletion, and replacement. Users have the option to remove or replace a picture from a document while working on the image and crop an image from a PDF file. Additionally, by utilizing this free PDF editor, users can add a new image to a PDF file.

3. Conversion that is fast and accurate

The ability to convert PDF files into various formats is a capability that practically all institutions frequently want. The UPDF PDF editor, a comprehensive PDF solution, delivers accurate and quick conversion of PDF files into widely used formats, making it simple for users to modify the file in the converted format. Users can quickly convert PDF files into several different formats, including Word, PowerPoint, CSV, and PNG, by following a straightforward procedure.

It additionally provides the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature, which enables users to transform scanned PDF documents into an editable and searchable version. It also provides the “Language Recognition” tool, which makes it easier to accurately translate a scanned PDF into an editable text file.

4. Documents in PDF can be annotated

With its strong and cutting-edge technology, UPDF has made adding annotations to a PDF a simple and rapid process. The “Markup” feature of PDF documents allows users to annotate them using a variety of available tools. Using the “Sticky Notes” or “Text Box” options in UPDF, users can annotate PDF files. Additionally, users can highlight text using “Highlighter,” which offers a variety of color options, and underline crucial portions.

In order to improve the content of the PDF pages, UPDF allows users to add shapes to their documents, such as an oval, circle, or rectangle. The shape’s border, thickness, and color can all be changed by users. Drawing graphs and charts in a PDF document makes excellent use of this functionality.

5. Pages in PDF can be managed

Managing PDF documents is a demanding chore, particularly if you work in a big organization or a bank. For precisely this reason, users of the UPDF PDF editor can organize PDF files on the same subject into a single folder and manage the files in a smooth manner in a matter of minutes. Additionally, UPDF gives users the option to delete pages from a PDF file in addition to adding new pages.

Users can extract individual or multiple pages from a PDF file using the “Organize Pages” feature. Additionally, users can use page numbers to separate PDF document pages into different files.

6. PDF files can be password-protected

The risk of modifying data within PDF files has increased along with the widespread adoption of the PDF format. To combat this, UPDF provides a security feature to password-protect PDF files, ensuring the security of the document’s content. The “Open Password” function of this top PDF editor may secure the PDF file, ensuring that only those with permission can access it.

Users can apply a “Permission Password” to a PDF document to prevent users from changing, printing, or copying the document’s content, as well as to prevent plagiarism and limit user involvement.

Words of wisdom

UPDF, which works with both Windows and Mac operating systems, provides a comprehensive solution for users of both platforms, as was mentioned in the article. Additionally, the altered PDF documents are fully safeguarded using encrypted security, making UPDF’s premium solution unrivaled. Make the switch to UPDF’s top PDF editor right away to get a premium service for your PDF file.


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