Why is my Canon printer giving me an error?


A Canon printer could show a B200 error due to hardware malfunction or obsolete firmware for the printer. The printer’s hardware failure can be caused by a poorly installed cartridge or a malfunctioning print head. The error is frequently reported on Canon printers, and various printer models can be affected. The error is encountered when you attempt to power on the printer or try to print documents. Occasionally, the printer light will blink orange after causing the issue. The most common type of error screen could be displayed:

A myriad of factors could cause the B200 error to occur on the Canon printer. However, the following are easily identified as the primary factors: Read More

  • Incorrect or outdated firmware of the Canon Printer When the software of that Canon printer is corrupted or outdated, that could cause the error B200 on the printer since the printer might not be able to detect a crucial hardware component. Use printer monitoring to identify and fix such issues quickly. In addition to this, it will track cartridges, paper, and ink usage.
  • Printing Nozzles Clogged There is a chance that you will be confronted with the error code B200 when using a Canon printer if one or more Nozzles are blocked because the printer cannot print due to the clogged Nozzles. This hardware issue can cause the problem that is at hand.
  • Incorrectly seated Printer Cartridges The Canon printer could display the error B200 if one cartridge isn’t correctly install, as the printer cannot communicate with the cartridge.
  • Problem with the Print Head If you notice that the printer’s head printhead the printer has become blocked (due to the dryness of ink) or if due to a glitch, the printer is not able to move the print head to its original position and this failure of the hardware could cause error code B200 that is displayed on the Canon Pixma IP1800 Error Code B200.

The printer will be powered on after opening the cover of the Head Bay of the Print Head Bay.

A minor glitch in the Canon printer can cause the error code B200 because the printer cannot communicate with the vital hardware modules for printing. In this case, turning on your Canon printer without the cover might solve the issue. However, before you try it, verify that the printer functions appropriately by connecting it to a USB connection.

  1. Turn off the Canon printer and then open the head bay of the printer to see if the cartridges are changing. It is not necessary to remove the cartridges or close the cover.
  2. Then turn up your printer, and hold until the cartridge is halfway on the left side.
  3. When the cartridge is at the left-hand corner, close the cover of the head of the printer and let it in its power-on mode.
  4. Check if the Canon printer is not affect by the error B200.
  5. If it is not the case, retry the above steps. However, in the final stage, you should check whether the printer’s scanning or copy function (without printing) can fix the issue.
  6. If none of this worked, try moving the printer near the router to solve the problem (if WiFi printing is employ). If yes, the signal loss because of how far between the router and the printer could cause pain. This is why a user could keep the devices near one another or utilize an extender for WiFi.
  7. Do a cold restart on the printer Canon.
  8. If the static current in the printer isn’t permitting the printer to detect the presence of a vital hardware component, this could cause a B200 error to the Canon printer. In this case, an uninitiated restart of the Canon printer can resolve the issue.
  9. Turn out your Canon printing device anddisconnect the power cable.
  10. Then sit for five minutes before reconnecting the power cable to the printer.
  11. Then, powerthe printer and verify that it’s free of B200 error.
  12. If you do not, power off the printer and disconnect the power cable.
  13. Then Press the Power button and keep pressing the Power button on the printer for 30 seconds.


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