Why are Security Apps not Able to Open?


Security apps have become crucial for every system. Whenever you are using a PC or phone; you need good anti-malware. These apps are helpful to prevent your device from various threats. Anti-malware provides various tools for data protection, secure browning, firewall, VPN, virus protection, etc. If your security is not opening then the system may get prone to threats.

Causes behind security app not opening error

  1. Anti-malware is not installed correctly
  2. Junk files on the PC
  3. Registry files are not working
  4. You have multiple security applications
  5. The app setup is outdated
  6. A third-party application is conflicting with the security program

Troubleshooting security app not opening error

Restart the device

If your antivirus is not opening then check for runtime error. Any runtime error can lead to service failure. But you can fix the error by restarting the device. Close the running apps and functions and restart the device. Go to the antivirus icon and double-click on it. Check its dashboard and run a malware scan. Get to know for connect canon mg3600 to wifi

Check the resource requirements

Your Malwarebytes will not open if the setup is not compatible with the system. Every application has a resource required to install or run. Before downloading the setup, always check its system requirements. Now match those requirements with the system specifications. In case you have installed an incompatible setup then remove it. Now get a compatible setup and install it on your system. After installation, open the antivirus and secure your system from malware.

Remove junk from the system

Your apps can show issues while opening due to the junk. These unnecessary files do not cause any huge damage to the system. But can occupy the disk space and conflict with other applications. You must delete that junk to work reliably on the system. Remove your temp files and other files which are not in use. In Windows PC, you can remove the junk at once using the junk cleaner tool. Open the search bar and type cleanmgr. Run the tool and it starts inspecting all your files. You will get a list of items to delete. Check the list and choose items to delete. After removing the junk, restart the computer and try to open your security application.

Inspect the registry files

The security app will show an opening error when its registry files are corrupted. Without registry files, the app can’t find the correct path. But repairing the registry files is difficult. You should get professional help to repair these files. If you know the steps then create the backup key and then edit them. Use Regedit to open the registry editor and check for the corrupted registry files.

Use one security app only

Don’t install numerous antiviruses on the computer. Whenever malware appears, all security apps try to detect it and start interrupting. These apps try to access the same resources and start showing the error. You must install only one antivirus on the system. Also, remove expired antivirus setup from the device. Open your Apps folder and start checking for security programs. Keep one antivirus and remove other security apps from the computer. Now restart and then open your antivirus.

Update the security application

Your application will show issues when it gets outdated. Several issues may appear when the setup is not working properly. Your error can get fixed by installing the latest update of your security application. Go to the apps folder and then right-click on the app’s name. Choose the update option and wait. After updating, restart the device to apply the changes and then check for the error.

Remove conflicting application

Few users reported that their security application is not opening after installing any program. The newly installed program is conflicting with the antivirus. This error often occurs with third-party apps. They carry adware or other malware that can harm the computer. Your security app tries to scan them but gets an error. To fix this, the user should remove the application from the PC. Also, delete all the related files and then check for the antivirus error.

If the error in opening a security application is occurring due to program files then reinstall the setup. You can’t repair the setup of the security app manually. Instead, remove the setup from your PC. Now get a new setup and install it on your computer.

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