The World of Apps for Seniors Living Alone: From Entertainment to Personal Safety


For some people living alone is a choice, for others – a consequence of unfortunate life events. Whether our friends and relatives seek personal space or are isolated due to age, job or pandemic, it’s always better to keep in touch with them.

Today we’ll discuss how to combine the privacy of your loved ones living alone while providing them with the personal safety of mind and body.

Importance of Personal Safety of Relatives and Friends Living Alone

While living alone has its benefits, doctors do not advise this lifestyle due to imminent threats. Isolation often leads to feelings of loneliness and apathy, as well as increasing the risk of getting injured with nobody to ask for help.

Moreover, loneliness negatively affects physical health. Living alone may result in heart disease, obesity, and unhealthy habits. After long isolation, seniors who live alone even fall into clinical depression.

These and many more factors encourage people to embrace emergency management with wireless carriers. Yeah, you could always check in on your loved ones with calls and messages, but as time goes this gets really annoying. In 2023 the best way to help them without being obtrusive is to use wireless emergency alerts (WEAs).

Must-have Apps for Your Relatives Living Alone

Digital well-being is a trend that allows for minimizing the risks of living alone. For instance, Apple and Android smartphones have been WEA-capable devices for a long time. PlayStore and AppStore offer a world of apps for seniors living alone that can take care of household and healthcare needs. We’ve gathered some of the best apps according to categories:


No matter if you have seniors, teens, or women living alone, communication is the top priority for a well-being app. Due to the pandemic and digitalization, text-like messages and video calls are the main way to communicate with people around the world.

There is a myriad of messaging apps from secure and fast like Telegram and Signal to user-friendly and mass-oriented Facebook Messenger and Viber. Connect seniors to the world with the help of the latter, we’re sure they will like it.


Entertainment apps are great for decreasing stress and improving coordination. They stimulate the brain and are especially helpful for elderly relatives with the first signs of cognitive decline. For example, Tamagotchi games don’t require much from the player and are very forgiving in terms of gameplay. Apps like YouTube can serve educational purposes and keep your loved ones connected with the rest of the world.


Organizers are helpful when it comes to planning your day and keeping yourself just a bit more disciplined. These applications range from national weather service to water balance reminders and parking lot key passes.

Smart Device Managers

Smart home systems are quite expensive, but they are irreplaceable when it comes to home security and convenience. These days mobile apps let you control smart devices around the house or even call for help if an emergency happens.

Personal Safety

As we’ve already mentioned, living alone may lead to injuries and emergency situations. To prevent them, public safety officials recommend using wireless carriers like wearables and WEA-capable devices. You may have heard of amber alerts and their help in searching for kids, but emergency alert systems don’t just come down to children.

Public alerting and emergency messages are useful for different age groups, especially for people living alone.

AllsWell Alert Being One of the Best Apps in the Personal Safety category

Some of the best personal safety apps have exclusive personal safety features. For example, AllsWell combines the panic button with inactivity monitoring. The app supports international cell tower coverage, making it a universal choice for people living alone.

Don’t forget to trust your instincts, and take care of your relatives and friends with AllsWell Alert’s inactivity monitoring!


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