The Service Department at Wayne Subaru Service


The Service Department Technician works in a friendly, customer-focused environment, answering phone calls and responding to emails. They also schedule and process service appointments, as well as help with the administrative needs of the service department. This position is essential to the smooth running of the dealership. The service technician has the potential to be the first person customers will see when they arrive for their service appointment. Read More

Moovit helps you find the best routes to get to Wayne Subaru, Service Department

If you’re looking for directions to Wayne Subaru, Service Department in Wayne, Nj, United States, you can use Moovit to get there faster and easier than ever. You can get updated routes and travel times, see the newest stops along the way, and find alternative routes and times. Moovit is a free transit app that is available for both your desktop and mobile device.

To get to Wayne Subaru, Service Department in Moovit, start by entering your address in the search box. You can also select your vehicle’s make and model. Then, select the route that is most convenient for you. You can also select the type of service you need: oil change, brakes, or tire rotation. Learn More

Job description for Wayne Subaru Service

The service department at Wayne Subaru has a wide variety of cars to choose from. They can fix a damaged car or provide routine maintenance such as tire rotations and oil changes. Their team of technicians is knowledgeable in all types of repair work and are committed to ensuring the customer’s satisfaction.

Benefits of taking your Wayne Subaru Service

Taking your Subaru for service on a regular basis is a great way to ensure its safety and quality. Regular maintenance will prevent expensive repairs and can also increase the value of your car if you ever decide to sell it. Check the manual for the proper schedule of maintenance. You’ll need to know when to have your oil changed, tires rotated, and differential checked.

Wayne Subaru Service owners can also benefit from free maintenance plans. For the first two years or twenty-four thousand miles, Subaru dealerships will perform scheduled maintenance on your vehicle for free. Subaru also offers a Subaru Maintain the Love Maintenance plan that covers scheduled maintenance for free during the first two years. Read the details of this plan to learn more about its coverages and limitations.

Subaru dealerships also offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. OEM parts are better than aftermarket parts because they are specifically made for your car. Additionally, dealerships employ trained technicians who understand the exact parts needed for Subaru cars. This will ensure that your car will remain reliable and safe for many years.

If your car needs a lot of repairs, extended service contracts can be a good option. They can cover more than just oil changes, and often include roadside assistance for travel. Depending on the type of Subaru you have, this service can also include meal reimbursements, lodging, and car rentals. Additionally, if you get locked out of your Subaru, you may be able to get a locksmith service to help you unlock it.

While you can perform service work on your own, it is best to make sure to use OEM parts for any repairs. Aftermarket parts will reduce the life of your Subaru and increase the risk of breaking down sooner. Using non-OEM parts will not only cost you more money but can also damage the car more.

When you take your Wayne Subaru Service for service, the dealership will have modern tools and technology. Unlike independent shops, dealerships use factory-backed parts. This ensures your car will be fixed correctly the first time. They are also more efficient, which means repairs will be faster. A dealership will also have access to manufacturer-exclusive parts.

Regular oil changes are important for your Subaru. In addition to oil changes, Subaru recommends rotating your wheels and inspecting your brakes every 6,000 miles. You shouldn’t get your oil changed at a quick lube shop. You need a mechanic that understands the specifics of your car.


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