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Everybody loves Gaming. Today we can play them on all our devices. Sometimes it might look like we created devices for that. In any case, games help us to forget about our daily routines. They can help us to earn, especially if we enjoy gambling. No need to visit Las Vegas or Macau, just join Play Amo NZ casino online and win the jackpot. As for other games, we are going to share some latest news about them. 

Steam Record

According to the SteamDB resource, online players on Steam exceeded 30 million people on October 23rd. To be exact, at the time of writing, there were 30,032,005 players. The last record was set on March 28. At that time, there were almost 29.99 million games on Steam.

The main growth in the number of active users began in 2020 with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. Then online for the first time exceeded 20 million people. It took only two and a half years to reach 30 million.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

The head of the Bloober Team, Petr Babeno, during the GPW Innovation Day, said that the remake of Silent Hill 2 has been in development for about three years. Moreover, it has already reached the final stage of production. Now the team is polishing some elements of the game.

According to Babeno, the release date depends on Konami and the company. They do not intend to delay the announcement of the release date of the title. The Japanese publisher fully covers the budget of the game.

Earlier, the developers said that the game is being created on Unreal Engine 5. The entire Silent Hill can be explored without reloading thanks to the SSD. The development involves Akira Yamaoka and Masahiro Ito, who had a hand in the original game and all the classic parts of the series. Silent Hill 2 will be released on PC and PS5.

Persona 5 And New Tales From The Borderlands, And Gotham Knights

On October 21, three major premieres took place on Steam at once: the PC port of Persona 5, New Tales from the Borderlands, and Gotham Knights. Alas, not all of these games have received the attention of the players.

New Tales from the Borderlands has a particularly sad situation – the maximum online title was only 435 people. It may even seem that this is some kind of mistake, the adventure game is a sequel to the beloved Tales from the Borderlands, and the Borderlands universe itself is popular. The original, by the way, had a maximum online of 8690 users.

The situation is much better for Gotham Knights. The peak is  24138 people, and every day the number of players approaches this figure in the evenings. Arkham Knight has a maximum user count of 27406. 

Persona 5 performed best of the major releases, with 35,474 players at its peak. This is a new series record in the Valve store. It can be easily explained. The fifth part is considered one of the best and has gained cult status in recent years. All games are already available on PC and other platforms.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

The Polish company CI Games has unveiled to investors its plan for the next five years. The company said that from now on it relies on multiplayer shooters and action role-playing games. Studio Underdog will create a “premium tactical PVE shooter” codenamed Project Scorpio. The game is going to be supported for a long time.

The Sniper: Ghost Warrior franchise will continue to develop, but with the help of a third-party studio. In addition, CI Games is working on a new IP survival game codenamed Project Survive. Development is carried out on Unreal Engine 5 with the participation of a third-party studio Batfields (Dead Effect).

As for the Hexworks studio, it continues to work on Lords of the Fallen. The release will take place in 2023.


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