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There are many factors that contribute to a website’s performance in Google’s search results, but there are also many ways for webmasters and business owners to optimize their sites so that they show up as prominently as possible when people search for products or services related to their websites. In order to be SEO-friendly and get your website to rank higher, things like ensuring. The site’s in-page content is optimized for search engines, making sure the user experience. Your site can be improved using web analytics programs and adding keywords to the site’s title tag are just a few of the more basic tasks. Among them Mixx can provide you with an Instagram audience to grow your business more.

What is important to invest in SEO in 2019? We have compiled an SEO guide for 2019 so that you can prioritize correctly during the new year!

SEO is an English term that stands for Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization in Swedish, and is about how to maximize your opportunities to end up as high among the search services’ organic (ie non-purchased) hits as possible and thus get new traffic and new customers. Simply what content you should invest in and how you should structure and present this content on the web.

Why is SEO so important?

The upside if you succeed in your optimization is huge: if Google likes your page and shows it high up in the search results when someone searches for words and phrases that are relevant to what you sell, you will get new traffic and new customers. No charge. And probably over a long period of time.

Because even if Google changes its way of sorting hits in its hit lists, these changes are not something that happens every day, while it is just the opposite with Google’s purchased hits – that is, the up to four ads that are at the top of a desktop search. and those up to three ads that are at the bottom of Google’s hit lists and are marked with ‘Advertisement’.

These purchased hits stop appearing as soon as you close your ad purchases, or if you lower your bidding and show that you are no longer willing to pay the same amount for a click from those hits. While the organic hits, which you did not pay for, have the advantage that there is no on or off button. They are displayed continuously, as long as Google deems that your site or store is one of the most relevant hits.

But what can you concretely do in 2019 to improve your SEO rankings?

And how do you best work with relevant and appreciated content and structure and technology to continuously get organic traffic from Google and other search engines?

The content and structure of your website or online store should make it clear to both your visitors and the search engine what each page is about and how to easily move on to, for example, read more or get to another part of the site. In plain text: you build your site or store for your visitors. Google is one of these visitors and also the single most important of them. So if you see Google as your most important visitor without forgetting all the others, you are on the right track.

So how do you get your SEO optimization off the ground? We have compiled an SEO guide with the 12 most important SEO tips in 2019 to succeed in getting more traffic to your website from Google.

SEO guide, your 12 best SEO tips for 2019

We start with two technical points, and it is worth investing in technical SEO in 2019 , especially around the speed of your page.

1. Make sure your site or online store is mobile friendly and fast to load.

Fast and mobile-friendly, this is the most important thing to invest in 2019. If you are unsure whether your site or store is mobile-friendly, which is a requirement today, you can test it with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool . If your website or online store is fast, it also plays an increasing role when Google ranks your page in their hit lists and also a fast page is good for your users. Test your page with Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights tool .

2. Make sure your site or online store is secure and uses https.

The use of an https certificate makes it more difficult for any external party to access information that is transferred between you and, for example, an online store. Google warns in its Chrome browser for websites that do not use https.

Then we come to eight points that are more about the content on your website and 2019 is the year when you should think really holistically about content : continuously produce text, image and video of the highest quality.

3. Write really good texts for all product pages and content pages.

A distinction is usually made between product pages and content pages, where a product text is normally significantly shorter than a content text, which can float out and take up more space. Be sure to write unique and relevant product pages. Also make sure to write engaging and guiding content, which may take up more space than a regular product text.

4. Write a good and selling title for each page.

The title of the page is usually considered the most important thing to invest in in order to succeed with its search engine optimization.

5. Write a good and selling meta description for all pages.

Take advantage of the opportunity to write unique meta descriptions for all your pages, it will increase the number of visitors who choose to click on to your particular page.

6. Put good and clear headings on all pages.

On your site you also have a number of headlines. Start by focusing on the H1 (headline) on all your pages – this can affect both your ranking in Google and the clarity of your visitors when they enter your site.

7. Use good and optimized images that you have the right to use.

Images have become increasingly important for success in SEO, which is due to a lot of different things: Google and other search engines perceive images as a natural part of a web page and as an important component for the user, and therefore do their best to interpret the images , and if you have good images on your site, you also have a greater chance of appearing in what is called “Image Search”.

8. Go through all the links you have today.

Content and links have been the most important parameters since the start to rank well and get high up in the search services’ hit lists and content in text form and links are really the only thing that Google’s web crawlers “see” and can decode fully.

9. Work continuously to get new, relevant links.

Make sure you get new links by offering relevant and link-friendly content on your website and by actively working with, for example, outreach and possibly also satellite sites if these are relevant and can stand on their own two feet.

10. Continuously point to old pages and error pages and make 301 redirects.

There is a lot of SEO gold to dig here! By continuously pointing to, for example, pages that have resulted in incorrect pages (so-called 404 pages), old campaign pages and pages with products that have been discontinued from the range, you can get both increased traffic and increased link power. Finally, two forward points.

11. Stay up to date on the latest in SEO.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is important that you regularly read about the latest SEO updates and what they mean for your website. There are many good news sites about SEO and you can also follow the SEO development here at .

12. Optimize for voice search.

As the number of mobile searches increases and so does the use of digital assistants, “Voice Search” will continue to increase in 2019 and comscore predicts that 50% of all searches will be voice-guided by 2020. Voice searches are often longer (ie more words) than key searches and are therefore even more “long tail” than other types of searches and they tend to explicitly ask a question characterized by words like who, how, what, where, why and when, with the expectation that the search engines and digital assistants will provide an answer back.

How to succeed with voice search: Write content in a natural and fluid style, like a conversation, that answers the questions your consumers want answered.

Other bubblers, when you’re done with the list, are featured snippets and “results0” (position zero) and how to protect yourself from negative SEO (for example, if someone copies your site to drive traffic to dating or gaming sites ).

What then is the elevator pitch for those who do not have the strength to read through this entire SEO article? Well, do this and you’re on the right track:

Create unique and engaging content on your website , which is completely mobile-friendly and as fast as you can . At the same time, keep track of new SEO opportunities, such as voice search and “results0” , which can offer new opportunities for you to be seen and be relevant.

Good luck with your SEO work!

This article is a revised and updated version of a chapter from Christer’s book on content marketing and SEO “Dig gold in your own channels” which is also available on Storytel as an audiobook on SEO and content marketing .

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