The year 2022 will be a watershed moment in the gaming industry. But do you want more games and valuable items in your library? Do you want to improve your gaming skills? using elements you wouldn’t include in a video game?

Then stop looking because NFT games have swept the globe. This year’s standout game is phantom galaxies. We explain why in full in our Phantom Galaxies review. You can get more details from phantom

Searching For Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is an intriguing role-playing game (RPG) with a daring plot and out-of-this-world elements.

Phantom Galaxies is currently being developed by Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studios. The planet Neoterra is under siege as the story progresses. The attackers are Sha’Kari. These weird aliens are Sha’Har priests who wish to punish mankind for their mistreatment of the planet.The game is now available on PC and Mac, and it will be released on consoles soon.

In this and many other NFT games, you can view a litepaper. This report examines the title in depth.

How do i get started with phantom galaxies?

First, you must build a Metamask wallet. This is the primary wallet of the Phantom Galaxies. Any tokens that cannot be modified can be kept here.

You can play in a variety of ways after your wallet is linked:

You can wait till the entire game is available for everyone to play. People anticipate Q2 2022.

This grants you access to the website.

Before you may enter the Closed Alpha of Phantom Galaxies, you must obtain a specific NFT. The “Halberd-001” is the only original model available right now. You may then access different game modes and features.

How does the phantom galaxies game work?

There are numerous ways to play Phantom Galaxies. This is accurate, despite the fact that it hasn’t been around for very long.

Players can select between four different mech suits:

Assault, Lancer, Buster, Breacher

The primary story mode of the game is packed with action, and the voice acting and cutscenes are excellent. If you prefer to work more slowly, there are various side projects you can accomplish.

Phantom Galaxies places a strong emphasis on multiplayer. You can participate in guilds that compete for resources and land. In PVP arenas, you can also compete for resources and experience points.

You can level up your playable characters by creating and accomplishing your own objectives (Starfighters). But don’t forget to keep your character’s health in mind. As a result, the game becomes more strategic, allowing players to stand out.

Phantom Galaxies is currently powered by the Polygon Network, a layer 2 network built on top of the Ethereum Network.

How much do you earn for playing phantom galaxies?

This is a huge question when a game like NFT comes out. Because Phantom Galaxies is a game that you must play to win, there are numerous ways to earn money. Engaging in mechanicrimes Mecha warriors can be rented out to other players for a charge.


Game tokens can be obtained by fulfilling objectives, PVP challenges, and resource mining. Tokens can then be used to wager on games or purchase items from the Phantom Galaxies market.

ADVERTISE NFTS Those with a long-term view of the game could profit by receiving NFT payouts and holding on to those purchased on the secondary market.

A comic book series and other games are two suggestions for how Phantom Galaxies could expand in the future.

Do you believe ghost galaxies will make money?

Phantom Galaxies is an exhilarating project with a lot to offer players both now and in the future. The gameplay and graphics in this game are always triple-A, demonstrating the game’s high quality and quantity.

There are rules for who can play, just like in any other NFT game. If you’re new to the industry, we recommend learning more about NFTs and bitcoin.


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