Necessary Security Measures for New E-Commerce Websites


Nothing is more crucial than safety when you are initially starting out in the online business sector. In the event that your site is compromised in its infancy, the resulting loss of resources and reputation may be too much for your business to bear. Keeping cyber dangers at bay is not difficult if you take the proper precautions before going live, and here are those precautions: Read More

Apply a cryptographic protocol such as TLS or SSL

Both Secure Sockets Layer and its successor, Transport Layer Security, are widely used and crucial components of modern internet security. As long as your website employs one of these, all communications between your website and its users will be encrypted and verified, and your website’s address will begin with “https” rather than the more common “http.”

Since this is the case, everyone can see that your site is safe to use. You should also keep the certificate that verifies your identity as the owner of the public key used for this encryption up to date; if it expires, some browsers will warn users, potentially scaring away business.

Perform a Penetration Test on Your Website

The practice of pen testing, or vulnerability assessment, is also crucial. A simple way to evaluate the efficacy of your present network security measures is to hire a specialized business (like Ineptitude) to attempt to gain unauthorized access to your network, either remotely or from within your own premises. Learn More

If vulnerabilities are discovered, the testing firm can advise on countermeasures to stop a malicious actor from taking advantage of them in the wild. Even if your company is already doing well, you still can’t afford to ignore the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, specifically requirement number eleven, which is to conduct regular system testing.

Restriction on data access and storage

No one who isn’t authorized to see it should be able to access your customers’ personal information stored on your site. If your system stores data for longer than it is being used, you may be inviting intruders. Again, the PCI DSS mandates that you take these measures, so check that your infrastructure can handle them.


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