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Because of their proven effectiveness in reaching consumers and spreading a company’s message, short videos have been used in marketing campaigns for decades. There is one type of short video among the many used by companies to promote their products that is quickly rising in popularity: animated explainer videos. It’s a video made using whiteboard animation. Read More

Whiteboard animation videos are a great marketing tool because they combine the engaging visual nature of short videos with the narrative potential of drawings. While whiteboard animation may appear simplistic at first glance, a well-executed video using this medium can convey complex ideas and show the audience the true value of the brand without boring them to death. It’s the hottest trend in advertising right now, and I’ll tell you why your company shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to ride the wave.

Entertaining, interesting, and long-lasting.

Making a short promotional video that keeps viewers engaged is a challenging task. If you can’t hook your audience in the first five seconds, they won’t stick around for the rest of your video. Learn More

This very reason is why whiteboard animation is fantastic. Observing the artist at work is fascinating because it shows how a drawing is created, seemingly out of thin air. It’s interesting enough that people will watch the video even if they have no interest in the company or its wares.

The speeded-up drawing process is only one part of a whiteboard animation video. You can also record an audio commentary to provide context for the sketch. You can promote a product here by writing about it. This video demonstrates how to draw, an essential skill for any storyteller. There are tales within. Although it does so subtly, your product is still given top billing.

The combination of the visual aid and the narrated explanation will guarantee that the audience understands the brand’s message without being overburdened in the same way that traditional advertisement language would.

You Can Put Any Kind of Information

There are probably a lot of features of your product that you’d like to highlight during the introduction. Unfortunately, it is hard to put an infographic or any statistical information into a video without making it look like an oversimplified PowerPoint presentation. When watching a video, the audience expects to be entertained, to see something fun, and graphics and statistics are not the definition of fun.

Contrary to traditional videos, whiteboard animation videos can contain any kind of information without making the video boring. This video’s narrative style simplifies a difficult message without sacrificing impact. If the artist could make the drawing process interesting to watch, then the information itself could be dull and the video would still be popular.

Moreover, whiteboard animation will always be fresh and it will never get old. A video like this can be used to promote your business for a very long time, especially if you continue to come up with new ways to do so and add new ideas to back up the script.

It Issues a Direct Prompt for Action

With whiteboard animation videos, you can also tell what the viewers specifically need to do after watching the video. You can tell them to visit a certain website or call a specific number to purchase your product. It is the ability to present a clear call to action that ensures a higher conversion rate from videos of this type. In addition, viewers’ attention will be captured by the drawing process itself. This ensures that the video’s message sticks in their minds. You can also use audio to explain things and highlight key points.

Its price is right.

Making a promotional video, no matter how brief, can be quite costly. On the other hand, this is not the case with whiteboard animation. To make a video like this, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on hiring A-list celebrities to appear in it. The price of making a whiteboard animation will change depending on factors such as the number of characters, the complexity of the story, the length of the animation, and the artist’s preferred drawing style. Even so, the cost is much lower than if you had hired A-list celebrities to star in your video.

Whiteboard animation videos are being shared on social media at an increasing rate, and the numbers show that they are being shared more often than other video formats. Therefore, you can be confident that the money you invest in marketing will yield a higher rate of conversion.


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