Why Should You Use Kraft Boxes To Pack Heavy Products?


Kraft paper is used to make the Kraft boxes. It is a strong, long-lasting material that can be important for packaging big items. Compared to conventional brown Kraft packaging, Kraft paper is thicker and typically far more tear-resistant.

Because of this, these boxes are the best option for bulky items or goods with sharp edges. Kraft packaging is not only a fantastic choice for heavy goods packaging, but it is also quite simple to open. You may just utilize the box’s perforations to pull it apart without the need for any specialized tools or equipment.

Moreover, it is an economical and environmentally responsible method of packing of bulky items. Because of this, Kraft box packaging has gained popularity over time. Let’s discuss why they are the best choice for packing heavy products.

Heavy-Duty Varieties Of Kraft Boxes

Examples of robust Kraft packaging include Kraft Kloth, Kraft packaging, Kraft paper bags, and Kraft sacks. For things that are to be safeguarded from damage during transportation or storage, this heavy-duty Kraft packaging is perfect.

These clothes can be important to box fragile items like glassware, pottery, and porcelain items. These items require extra care when moving because they can easily break into pieces if improperly packaged. You can also use this packaging for packing shoeboxes or for tying all kinds of clothing together.

To prevent them from unraveling during shipping, we use a particular kind of adhesive called casein glue. Hence, these can be the best option for taking care of your products. Heavy-duty varieties of these boxes can let you ensure the safe delivery of your products in the hands of buyers.

The Ways To Increase The Durability 

If you treat Kraft boxes with care, they will last for a very long time. Generally speaking, Kraft paper isn’t very durable because it’s not made to handle challenging situations, which would cause holes or tears to form extremely quickly. The ideal solution is to keep Kraft paper free of damage in the first place.

For instance, avoid piling Kraft products too high on top of one another as this may result in damage from pressure and weight distribution issues. You should always follow recommended stacking limits.

To prevent sharp and pointed items from touching the packaging surface, try placing bulky items inside Kraft boxes and adding some soft material, such as bubble wrap.

Useless Kraft gift boxes with perforated sides should also be avoided. Instead of strong points, these sections offer inferior ones. This implies that these boxes with perforated sides may be more prone to box breakage. Additionally, by performing the following actions, you can make these boxes more rigid:

Prefer Thick-Grade Materials

Because it offers a higher level of strength than thinner grades, thick-grade paper can be used in Kraft paper boxes. As a result of the thicker material’s increased resistance to tearing and punctures, Kraft packaging manufactured using this particular type of Kraft paper will be more durable than that similar packaging made of thin materials.

Choose only the best Kraft papers for your desired Kraft box manufacturing. You should make its moisture resistance and ink adsorption. When you prefer thick-grade materials, you can ensure that your products are safe for a long time. Thus, they will reach the buyers in their original condition and make your brand trustable. Ultimately, you can take your business to the next level.

Stack Your Kraft Boxes Properly

With due caution, stack each package. Verify that they won’t break apart during delivery or when customers handle them in stores. To prevent products from bouncing during storage and shipping, seal any gaps between the stacked boxes with additional materials like bubble wrap or foam peanuts. These tricks are extremely important to make sure the safety of packaged items. Also, it has an important role in keeping your brand well-reputed in the market.

Add Customized Fillers

By adding specialized fillers to these boxes, you can make them more durable. There are a variety of filler choices available at packaging businesses. To fill the spaces between stacked boxes and safeguard your items from damage during transportation or storage, they will supply Kraft filler paper, Kraft bubble wrap, foam peanuts, etc.

According to the specifications of your product, you can also create unique fillers for custom Kraft boxes. It will improve not only the box’s strength but also its aesthetic appeal. It will protect your product while also helping to market your company. Hence, these boxes can provide extra efficient safety to delicate items due to their fillers.

Print Instructions For Handling Boxes

Kraft is a type of brown paper with a rough surface manufactured from recycled materials. You will need a digital printer, high-quality eco-friendly printing processes, water-based inks, and other necessary supplies to print the kraft boxes with lids.

The advantage of modern printing technology is that it has a lower cost per unit than others. Screen printing or lithography can be the best option if you are going to buy boxes in bulk. To spread awareness of the handling guidelines and lower the likelihood of mistakes and losses for your company, print the necessary instructions on the packaging. It will take your brand to the next level. Thus, printed instructions can help to avoid several issues to ensure profitability for your business.

Where To Buy These Boxes?

The best Kraft packages for your heavy items are available from several packaging suppliers. There are many packaging suppliers in your area if you search for custom packaging near me. Before selecting a packaging provider, do your research and look into every aspect. Place your order for these boxes after researching their reputation, services, and prices in the marketplace.

You must also watch your business flourish in the market. You can buy these boxes at reasonable costs from different places. These places may include online sellers, dedicated packaging companies, wholesalers, and social media packaging providers. Thus, take quotes from different sellers and compare them to choose the best one.

We have seen different factors that have made Kraft boxes the best packaging for heavy-duty products. You should take advantage of these boxes to ensure the safety of your heavy-duty items, so they reach their destination safely and win the satisfaction of buyers. Ultimately, it will make your brand popular and increase its profitability.


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