Jira Project Management Integration with BigTime


Jira Project Management Integration with BigTime provides users with powerful features that help them manage projects. The kanban boards, workflows, and one-way syncing make it easy to connect these two tools to improve collaboration. Read on to learn more about Jira Project Integration with BigTime. Then, follow these steps to connect Jira to BigTime. You will see how to map Jira projects to BigTime projects.

Customizable kanban boards

Jira Software is a multifaceted project management application that comes in different forms and includes versions for software development, agile planning, and business management. The core version is designed to manage projects and includes drag-and-drop workflows, consolidated task statuses, and smart links. It is free for teams of up to 10 users and costs $5 to $6 per user/month. Another useful option for project management is Microsoft Planner, which is an Office365 application that has visual task management.

Kanban project management is based on a Kanban board that allows you to track tasks through the various stages of production. Its customizability enables users to create a personalized view for each project. You can also create and manage Kanban boards, track task progress, and set due dates. The free version offers 100MB of total storage for projects, and paid plans begin at $7.00 per user per month.

One-way sync

When you integrate Jira with BigTime, you can import your projects. These will show up in BigTime as active projects, with epics and issues. Once the sync is completed, you will receive a confirmation window. If you don’t want to sync your projects with BigTime, you can use Jira’s manual sync option. This option syncs only your active projects, with issues, epics, and issues.

True two-way sync solutions automatically detect and avoid infinite loops. While individual automation handles one field or work item, two-way sync solutions handle all levels, including comments and attachments. These integrations also automatically handle custom fields. This means less catching up with emails or chat tools. Jira users will love the convenience and efficiency this solution provides. Once you’ve started using BigTime for Jira, you won’t go back to the old way.

Customizable workflows

With the help of Jira workflows, you can plan, track, and execute any software project. They can be customized to fit any team’s needs, and they can boost transparency and team efficiency. Workflows represent a process within an organization and include transitions and statuses to help you know where each project is at any time. A well-designed workflow will ensure that all the information you need is readily available, no matter what time of day it is.

With Jira, your project plans are a living document, and with BigTime, your team can work at internet speed. The integration also allows you to keep your Salesforce up-to-date. As a consulting firm, managing an engagement involves an endless stream of assignments, budgets, due dates, and more. BigTime software keeps everyone informed of the project’s status and keeps everyone in the loop automatically.

Syncing with Jira

If you’re interested in project management software, you’ve probably heard of Jira, the popular issue tracking system. With BigTime, you can leverage this feature and take advantage of Jira’s functionality. In this article, we’ll look at how to integrate Jira with BigTime and map Jira issues and stories to tasks in BigTime. We’ll also discuss how to configure your Jira settings so that you can synchronize Jira and BigTime data.


Syncing with Jira Project Management integration with BigTime allows you to import and export issue information to and from Jira. The integration is built on story points, a common measurement used in Jira. When using Jira, you’ll need to import issue and epic links. BigTime will create custom fields for each of those in Jira to further strengthen the integration.



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