Intertek PSI in Memphis: Providing Quality and Compliance in the Heart of Tennessee


In a world driven by innovation and industry, the importance of quality assurance and compliance cannot be overstated. From the materials used in construction projects to the safety of consumer products, meticulous testing and inspection are paramount. In the heart of Tennessee, Intertek PSI stands as a bastion of quality control, providing essential services to various industries. This article closely examines Intertek PSI in Memphis operations.

A Trusted Name in Quality Assurance

Intertek PSI is a globally recognized leader in quality assurance, offering various services designed to ensure that products, materials, and projects meet the highest industry standards. The company has a rich history of 45 years of delivering excellence in testing, inspection, and certification services across multiple sectors, including construction, manufacturing, energy, and more.

The Memphis Connection

Intertek PSI’s presence in Memphis, Tennessee, is a testament to its commitment to serving clients efficiently and effectively. Located strategically in the southeastern United States, Memphis plays a crucial role in the nation’s transportation and logistics infrastructure. This strategic location allows Intertek PSI to offer its services to a wide range of clients in Tennessee and across neighboring states and regions.

Comprehensive Testing and Inspection Services

Intertek PSI in Memphis offers an extensive suite of services catering to its diverse clientele’s unique needs. Some of their core services include:

Fire protection and forensic analysis

Intertek services range from fire protection to forensic analysis and natural disaster recovery, particularly tailored for the construction industry. Intertek is committed to safety and resilience and offers a wide array of fire protection solutions, ensuring that construction projects adhere to the highest safety standards. Their expertise in fire safety spans from fire risk assessments to the testing and certifying of fire-resistant materials and systems.

Moreover, Intertek’s forensic services play a crucial role in post-incident investigations, helping construction firms understand the root causes of accidents or structural failures to prevent future occurrences. In the face of natural disasters, Intertek’s disaster recovery services prove invaluable by swiftly mobilizing resources and expertise to assist in rehabilitating construction sites, mitigating damage, and expediting recovery. Intertek is committed to quality, safety, and resilience and remains a trusted partner for construction professionals seeking to safeguard their projects from unforeseen challenges.

Environmental Services and geotechnical engineering

Intertek PSI assists clients in complying with environmental regulations in an era of heightened environmental awareness. They provide soil and groundwater testing, hazardous materials assessments, and indoor air quality monitoring. To determine the suitability of soil and rock for construction projects, Intertek PSI conducts geotechnical investigations, helping to prevent costly structural failures.

A Commitment to Excellence

What sets Intertek PSI apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence. Their experienced professionals employ equipment and cutting-edge techniques to deliver accurate and reliable results. Whether it’s assessing the strength of a concrete sample, evaluating the environmental impact of a project, or ensuring the safety of a new consumer product, Intertek PSI remains the same in its pursuit of quality assurance.


Intertek PSI’s presence in Memphis is a testament to their dedication to ensuring quality and compliance across various industries. Their comprehensive range of services, commitment to excellence, and strategic location make them an invaluable partner for businesses and organizations seeking to maintain the highest standards in their operations. Intertek PSI remains a trusted name as the world continues to evolve, standing firm as a guardian of quality and safety in the heart of Tennessee and beyond.


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