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The HuskyCT learning management system is the University of Connecticut’s iteration of the Blackboard platform (LMS).

Access to a broad variety of electronic instructional resources is made possible via the Learning Management System (LMS), which is used by students, administrators, employees, residents, fellows, and linked community health professionals. Read More

The University of Connecticut (UConn) refers to its own learning management system as “Husky Course Tools,” or “HuskyCT” for short.

Instructions on how to log into HuskyCT

To log in,

Proceed to in your web browser.

After that, you need to click the blue “Login” button.

Enter your UConn NetID into the appropriate box on the UConn Single Sign-On page.

Type in your password to continue.

To log in to your LMS, click the “Login” button.

Your major tool for navigating the course and gaining access to more information and resources may be found on the menu bar that is located on the left-hand side of the screen.

HuskyCT Login Page

HuskyCT login page

You will have access to a wide variety of computer resources at the University of Connecticut if you log in using your UConn NetID credentials. The link to the curriculum materials may be located in the menu bar of HuskyCT. This link provides access to all of the ReALMs. The ReALMs are arranged in this order: first by module, then by session (where applicable). The course syllabus for each module comes first, followed by the materials specific to that module or session. Learn More

Your NetID also serves as your password for the learning management system (LMS). Go to order to get your password reset. Student access to HuskyCT’s technical help is unrestricted and available around the clock, seven days a week. You can get in touch with the technical support team by dialling 1-855-308-5616. Support is also offered in the form of online chat sessions.

Instructions on how to use huskyCT on your mobile device

The most recent mobile app for UConn HuskyCT is called Blackboard (formerly known as Bb Student), and it is the choice that is suggested for students to use. Students at UConn are free to download and install the Blackboard app on their own devices. If you already have the myUConn app loaded on your smartphone, then you already have this app.

The new user interface is intuitive and up-to-date, and it comes with a number of brand new features, such as:

The stream of activities

Exams, quizzes, and assignments can be seen, filled out, and turned in here.

Real-time grade access


Innovative accessibility tools and features

Integration with Blackboard Collaborate that is completely painless.


When will the HuskyCT version of my courses be available?

There is no set schedule for when courses will be made available on the UConn HuskyCT LMS. In most cases, students can register for classes up to the first scheduled meeting of the class. In the event that a class is classified as “unavailable” after the initial meeting of the class, you should speak with either your instructor or the director of the course. In addition, students in the School of Medicine who are interested in HOME should get in touch with that office. Students in the dental programme are encouraged to get in touch with the Academic Affairs Office located in the School of Dental Medicine.

What should I do if the class I’m enrolled in is not displayed in HuskyCT?

The teacher is the one who decides which classes are made available through HuskyCT. As a result, it’s possible that none of the UConn Health classes have any related sites.

Inquire with your teacher if you are formally enrolled in a course that is not mentioned after the start date of the semester after the date on which the semester began.

If you were just recently added to a course, give the learning management system (LMS) up to 24 hours to get the update before you contact the course’s teacher. Contact the ITS Help Center if it has been 24 hours since the start of the course and your teacher has confirmed that it will be given.

What happens if my effort to take the HuskyCT exam is stopped, and the system does not let me complete it?

Only your teacher has the ability to reset quizzes and examinations. In the event that you have used more than the permitted number of tries, it is imperative that you get in touch with your teacher as soon as possible. Take note that your instructor has the ultimate authority to decide whether or not you will be allowed further chances.

What should I do if I am unable to locate an assignment, test, or other required pieces of information in my HuskyCT course?

Your teacher is responsible for ensuring the availability of examinations, assignments, and any other content as well as placing it appropriately. It is not uncommon for teachers to attach stipulations to the release of information, such as start and finish dates, requirements, and so on. If you need assistance navigating the course or gaining access to certain resources, please ask your teacher for aid.

What happens if I accidentally upload the wrong assignment and the computer refuses to let me resubmit it?

Your teacher will determine the maximum number of attempts you are allowed to submit for a given assignment. You are responsible for making direct contact with your teacher if you discover that you have uploaded the incorrect file for an assignment. The UITS Help Center is not authorised to do reset assignment attempts and does not have access to this functionality. Your previous attempt at the assignment could be deleted at the discretion of the instructor.

What exactly are ReALMs?

The MDelta flipped classroom and team-based educational approach is constructed on the foundation of Remote Active Learning Modules, often known as ReALMs. The content background that is essential to engage in the in-class application activities is provided by the ReALMs. The content of ReALMs can come in a variety of forms, such as videos, presentations, book chapters, journal articles, and many more.


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