How to Understand Hole Cards in a Poker Game


During online poker games, hole cards are received by the dealer slot Thailand at the start of each round. For example, in a Texas Hold’em poker game, you will be dealt two cards at the start of each round and these are your hole cards. They work in conjunction with the five community cards that are placed face up by the dealer. It’s very important to keep your hole cards a secret.

Theoretically, the player with the strongest five-card combination will win the round. However, with strategies like bluffing and semi-bluffing, it’s not that easy. Overall, there are 1,326 different hole card combinations and 169 starting hand combinations.

Why Are Hole Cards Important?

Judging by their position on the table, combined with the betting behavior of their opponents, professional poker players have a prearranged selection of hole card combinations that will affect their next move. The later your position, the higher the probability of the player to your left holding a strong hand. Therefore, experienced players will often slow down the game when facing a strong hand so as not to be obvious.

Due to the long duration of online poker tournaments, understanding your hole cards is crucial to success. This allows you to play at the right time and not rush the game. Allow your opponents to make early mistakes, so that you are in a stronger position towards the end of the game. Ultimately, hole cards are there to be used in conjunction with the five community cards.

The stronger your hole cards are, the higher the chances of you holding the strongest cards and therefore winning. However, you must remember that the strength of your hole card at the end of the round depends on the community cards placed.

What Are The Best Hole Cards?

When playing with live dealers in online casino games, each round is fast-paced, requiring players to think fast. Understanding the best hole cards is the best way to stay ahead of your time limit. Turn speed is important in maintaining the perception of uncertainty. During a round, if you take a long time on each turn, this may indicate that you have medium hand strength and are considering whether to continue or not. Once the opponent can read your betting behavior, the game is over.

How to Understand Hole Cards in Poker Games?

In addition, online poker situs togel players rely on knowing the winning probability of a hole card combination when they play multiple tables at once, as this helps with game management. However, there is a limit to how many tables you should play at the same time. From strongest to weakest, the list below features 15 hole card combinations:

  • A pair of aces
  • A pair of kings
  • A pair of queens
  • An ace and king of the same suit (hearts, sticks, diamonds, or spades)
  • A pair of jacks
  • An ace and a queen of the same suit
  • A pair of queens
  • A king and queen of the same gender
  • An ace and jack of the same suit
  • A king and a jack of the same suit
  • Pair of 10s
  • Ace and king
  • An ace and a 10 of the same suit
  • A queen and a jack of the same suit
  • A king and a 10 of the same suit

As a beginner, playing online poker on the US platform is very competitive due to the number of players participating. But understanding elements of the game, such as hole cards, allows you to understand the game better. By realizing the strength of certain hole card combinations, you can better manage your game and know when you’re holding a strong hand.

Hole Card Terms

To impress others when playing online poker tournaments with your friends, it’s not a bad idea to communicate using the terms. If you have a pair, it’s called a “pocket pair”. Whereas if your hole cards are not the same, it is an “offsuit”. Lastly, a pair of picture cards (king, queen, jack) that have the same suit is called a “suited”.

Hole Cards In Different Types Of Poker Games

There are many variations of poker to play, each with its own rules. However, they all use hole cards and some even more than others. Here is a list of the various poker games and the number of hole cards you will receive.

Texas Hold’em

If you’re playing a Texas Hold’em game, you’ll be dealt two hole cards at the start. The dealer will then lay down five community cards at the end of the round.


The Omaha poker game includes four hole cards as well as five community cards from the dealer. It includes the same rounds and rules as Texas Hold’em. Another similarity is the goal to have the strongest five-card combination.

7-Card Stud

Unlike the first two games mentioned, 7 card stud does not include any community cards. A player is dealt seven cards with three face down and four face up. The three face-down cards are your hole cards.


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