How to start a mobile game business in NYC


Mobile game development is one of the most lucrative app businesses of the decade. With the right execution and on-point marketing, game entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into high revenue-generating machines. If you, too, are an aspiring approvers who wants to hit the market big with a mobile game, here comes the quick guide to cover everything from hiring a mobile game development company to advertising your game. Nowadays, app developers NYC is quite in demand for mobile game development due to numerous splendid reasons. But that’s the talk for some other day.

Let’s begin how to start a mobile game business in NYC in 2023.

1. Find a game niche

One of the success factors in the mobile game business world is your game idea – the other is the diversity and uniqueness of your game content.

There are hundreds of niches and subniches altogether that you can choose from. Major successful game genres include arcade, horror, AR and VR, sports, real-time strategy, role-playing, healthcare, and professional. While you can choose to launch a full flash game in one of these genres, you can also consider choosing two subcategories and introducing a mix and match.

Take the example of Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s an AR game in the horror niche. The same goes for Zombies; run! It’s an AR-based horror game that also lies in the healthcare niche and tracks the physical activity and movement of players.  

2. Write your game story

Once you have chosen the game category, it’s time to work on the gameplay – characters, plot, environments and setting, background music, and overall game story.

Decide the rewards and challenges of the game and create a rough roadmap of how your game will progress. Finally, quickly decide on a few features you want to give in your game app.

For developing a game, Flutter is highly utilized by developers these days. Nowadays, numerous app development companies in NYC are offering flutter app development services. You can connect with any top-notch flutter app development company in NYC for your business needs.

3. Create a business plan

It’s time to make your second business move and jot down an action plan for success. In your business plan, brief about the gameplay, then write down the app development budgets you have allocated for this game business. Predict your number of downloads in the first five years, then estimate the revenue and decide on a monetization strategy. See whether you want to launch a free game, a premium game, or a freemium game with a mix of free and paid features.  

4. Hire a game developer

Your game development team is the alpha group that can turn your vision into a financially rewarding business scheme. While hiring a development team, make sure to strike the right balance between the quality of services and pricing. You can choose to outsource the complete game project, create an in-house team or go for subscription-based staff augmentation.

In your case, since you are a startup launching the game, we recommend hiring a remote team. We also recommend hiring your game developer from NYC because developers in NYC offer exquisite android app development services and iOS app development services. Plus, you’ll find premium services in NYC, too.

5. Complete development milestones

Once you have hired a mobile game development company, the next step is choosing a technology stack and deciding which platforms you want to launch your game on. We suggest you create a cross-platform app that works similarly on Android and iOS devices. Depending on the technical requirements of your game, you can go for Flutter, or you can opt for building a native app for each platform.

When development starts, make sure to monitor the development timelines. Attend meetings with your developers as required and keep testing your game product for performance and features.

6. Test your game

Testing is as important as building the right product. When you test, make sure to pay special attention to user experience and data security. This holds significant importance if you plan to sell digital downloads or paid subscriptions. Because in this monetization model, your game app will collect payment details.

There are different types of app testing: unit testing, device testing, pen testing, and functional testing.

Functional testing is all about performance. It includes functions, loading time and speed, and smooth transition between app screens.

Unit testing means assessing an app for each and every function of the app.

Pen testing is also called penetration assessment, and it means assessing the app for data retention, security, and privacy.

Device testing means assessing the performance of your app on different versions of different devices.

You can even start a beta testing program for your game app., create a landing page, and give the download button. Then ask for real user feedback and fix your game. You can distribute the beta testing version on platforms like Quora and Reddit.

7. Launch your game on leading stores

App store and Google Play store are the leading platforms for mobile apps made for Android and iOS. That’s why they are the ideal stores for your game too. You’ll have to submit to both of these stores before users can download your app.

Google Play takes at least 2 weeks to approve the app. App store can take anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months for approval. When submitting to stores, make sure to write clear and concise descriptions of your app. Take screenshots of the most important game features and moves. Also, follow the code of conduct related to copyright, plagiarism, and age-appropriate in creating content about your game.  

8. Market your game

There are myriad ways to market your game. Once you have it approved on app stores; you can create a DIY website and attract search engine traffic. Then direct that traffic to your store listing.

Create social media pages, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Also, create a company page for your game on LinkedIn.

You can also start a space on Quora. Post questions and answers about your game and seek people’s feedback.

If you are a video person, go for youtube marketing. You can post tips and tricks recording yourself. But if you are camera shy, create montages and snippets and keep posting as you cross levels.

Invite game influencers to try your game and post online about it.

Wrapping Up

No business venture gives you overnight success – and so is the case with game apps. But with the right execution, quick marketing, and regular maintenance, you can skyrocket to your envisioned revenues in the planned time.


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