How to record gameplay


Record video of everything that happens on your Windows 10 PC screen using the Xbox Game Bar built into the operating system.

If you’re looking for a way to record what you’re doing on your computer on video, you probably don’t need to install any third-party software.

The utility theoretically only allows you to record video games, but it is quite possible to divert its use to make it record other content with a few exceptions. There is two method first window built in option and second is iTop Screen Recorder .

The Xbox Game Bar is not able to record Windows 10 File Explorer or desktop. For all other apps, just trick it into thinking its games. Demonstration.

Enable Game Bar

Click on the Start menu to go to Windows Settings. Enter the Games menu and check that the game bar is in Enable mode.

Configure Game Bar settings

In the side menu, go to the tab dedicate to Captures.

Then scroll through the Game Bar settings and customize your preferences. You will be able to choose to record the audio data, to define the video frame rate of your capture, to opt for a high quality of capture or to Capture the mouse cursor in the recordings, or not.

Start recording

Open the application (or game) of which you want to record a video capture and activate the game bar using the keyboard shortcut Windows + G.

The game bar is display and presents several panes: capture, audio, performance, as well as a central bar allowing to display or hide each element. You will be able to manage all the technical parameters of your video capture from these menus.

Then click the record button to start the video capture, and then click the program window you want to perform the video capture.

A small control window appears on the side and will allow you to stop video recording when you have finish what you want to record.

You can quickly access it by bringing back the game bar using the Windows + G shortcut, then clicking on the Show all captures menu present in the Capture pane.

A gallery with all the captures made is then display. Directly on the icon representing a folder.

With iTop screen recorder

With itop screen recorder it’s quite simple you just need to start recorder everything will be recorder. Screen recorder is quite easy to use and also very easy to install you can easily install within few minutes.


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