How to Clean Small Humidor?


If there aren’t any obvious problems, like mold or bugs It is recommended to clean your humidor at least every two to three months. In reality open, it more often can encourage the growth of mold.

The best method to ensure that your humidor stays in good condition and functions properly is to keep track of the levels of humidity and temperature each day. Make sure they are in the 70-percent range and 70°F so you don’t need to clean them frequently. Here are some useful ways to keep your humidor clean: humidor:

  • Every week, check it for signs of growth and insect infestation
  • Stop the growth of mold by keeping your humidor in a dry, cool place.
  • Make sure your humidor is kept away from the sun’s rays or direct heat to stop the growth of mold.
  • To ensure optimal air circulation when you are putting cigars into your humidor, be sure they aren’t blocking any vents.

A humidor is why it is vital to keep it clean.

Debris Can Damage Your Cigars

If you don’t keep your humidor regularly, dust and dirt may build up and harm your cigars. Wrappers for cigars are delicate, and, if coated in the dirt they could break or tear.

Place the Cigars in Proper Order

After you have cleaned the humidor, you must arrange your cigars correctly. Place the cigars inside the humidor in a way that they don’t get in contact with each other or on the interior walls. This will permit adequate air circulation and will prevent damage to the cigarettes.

It’s Time to Get Started On Cleaning

Nobody wants to throw out their favorite cigars, particularly if they are expensive or rare. However, taking the time to inspect and taking care to clean your humidor frequently will help you avoid garbage or dangers to your health. All you need is a few supplies and a bit of time to ensure your cigars smell delicious and taste great.

Tips for Keeping Your Humidor Fresh

While you may identify ways to treat humidor mold, it’s much more sensible and easier to avoid mold ever becoming an issue. The best way to prevent this is to keep your humidor in excellent condition. A humidor that is not maintained properly is just one of the numerous mistakes that an aspiring fanatic could make.

Do You Have To Wipe The Inside Of The Humidor?

Simply use a moderately moist sponge or cloth to clean off the cedar. But, extremely high-end humidors manufactured by companies like Elie Bleu do NOT recommend wiping the interior as it could cause the finely sanded interior to roughen.


A humidor is a fantastic option to store your cigars and ensure they are fresh. It is crucial to regularly clean your humidor to avoid dirt and dust from altering the flavor and flavor. Follow the steps listed above to get your humidor cleaned and maintain it in good condition. A few additional suggestions for keeping your humidor spotless include frequent airflow by using a humidifier and monitoring temperature and humidity levels.


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