Everything to know about Apple watch glass replacement


Apple watch glass replacement is there in case you accidentally got a scratch on the glass. It can happen after you have dropped your apple watch on the floor facing face down. That can cause severe damage to the watch.

The most exciting part about apple watches is the glass, which is made of recycled aluminum and strengthened with ion-x glass. Ideally, it means you should be very careful while handling it. But if you have accidentally dropped your watch, that can cause damage to the screen. The screen can get distorted or cracked.

Has the screen of the apple watch broken easily

Even after apple keeps saying that your watch is resistant enough from any scratches or any impact, your apple watch can’t survive any fall once hitting a hard surface. The glass of the apple watch is strong enough, but it may break once your watch falls from the height facing down.

Apple watch glass replacement is costly, and if you do not want to go for glass replacement, you have to handle the watch with absolute care.

You should be very careful handling your apple watch because it is made up of glass, and there is a chance of breaking it even if you don’t drop it from high heights. If you are not careful enough, then there are chances that you may end up breaking the screen of your apple watch.

Is there an apple watch screen replaced for free

You can undoubtedly get your Apple Watch screen replaced for free. AppleCare+ is a service you can buy with your iPhone and other Apple products. It’s a one-time payment of $99 for two years of coverage, which includes accidental damage coverage (which includes the screen). You must pay for repairs if you don’t have this service on your watch.

That means if something happens to your watch like if you drop it and the screen breaks, Apple will provide you with a new one at no additional cost. However, if the glass cracks or breaks because of everyday wear and tear, you will have to pay for repairs yourself.

The price depends on the current model that you are using:

Watch Series 1: $69

Series 2: $79 (38mm) – $79 (42mm)

Does Applecare take care of a cracked watch screen?

AppleCare memberships are not free. However, the monthly charges for AppleCare are not that expensive; the critical thing with having AppleCare is the piece of mind. Having an AppleCare membership will involve protection from any accidental damage. With AppleCare membership, you have to pay a minimum amount, and the apple company will work on getting the apple watch glass replaced quickly.

The cost of replacing a cracked watch screen can be between $79 and $299, depending on where you take your device. The good thing about AppleCare is that it will cover all your devices, including your MacBook and iPhone, as well as your iPad and iPod touch.

All you have to do is go online or call one of their support numbers so that they can schedule an appointment for you at an authorized service center near you. You might also want to get in touch with your insurance provider so that they can help you out with this process as well.

What are the charges for apple watch glass replacement?

If you do not have applecare+, you will have to pay between 160$ to 500$ for repairing a warranty apple watch screen based on the watch model. If you have an apple watch ceramic model by any chance, you will have to pay around 800$ for an apple watch glass replacement. It will cost you more to replace the screen than to get a new screen for the iPhone 12.

If you are willing to spend some extra bucks, we recommend you go for the AppleCare+ plan. This plan costs $50 per year and offers 2 years of protection against accidental or liquid damage caused by spills. In addition, you can take your device to any authorized service center, and they will fix it quickly without charging anything over and above what’s covered under this plan.

Why are apple screen replacements so expensive?

Apple watches are part of the most expensive products that you can buy. The reason is that Apple makes these products, which are sold at a high price. That is because many people want to have one of these watches but cannot afford it.

There is no doubt that apple charges are very costly, and most of the time, you can buy a new device at that cost. The main thing about the replacement of the screen is expensive is that they do not replace just the screen, but they replace the entire watch. So you just have to send them your watch with a cracked screen, and apple will send you a brand-new watch.

That is because they must replace your watch with all its parts to work perfectly well again. It is also important to note that if you are aware of how much money you spent on your watch in the first place, then you will know why this would be expensive for you as well as others who may want their watches fixed with the help of apple themselves or even pay someone else to do it for them.


Apple Watch is a very advanced gadget. It takes good care of you, tracks your heart rate, calorie burn, and sleep quality, notifies you of an incoming call or message, uses Siri, and much more other features. But being so highly advanced, the Apple Watch’s face glass may get damaged if you are not careful with the watch. So when .expert technicians do Apple Watch glass replacement, They ensure that they don’t damage any other component of the watch and leave precise stitches, ensuring the surface is perfectly smooth and not visible. That is why getting your apple watch repaired from the right center is suggested.


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