Chengdu: Already a 5G City


In 2019, 5G connectivity has become a hot topic. To be ready for the next generation of business, from real-time live streaming to the seamless internet of things, many countries are racing to be the first to construct 5G networks (IoT). In the coming decade, a city’s competitiveness will be mainly determined by how quickly it can implement 5G infrastructure and coverage., the official news site for Chengdu, says that the western Chinese city of Chengdu has officially become a 5G city. Learn More

On October 31st, officials from the Chengdu municipal administration and China Telecom’s Chengdu Branch made the official announcement that Chengdu had been the first city in China to put both the 5G network and the optical network into commercial operation, respectively. Chengdu has not only been the first city in Sichuan Province to deploy 5G base stations, but also the first city in the world to broadcast a sports game in the 8K video standard over a 5G network. The city government is working to implement 5G for use in civil applications like communication, the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data, as well as for emergency forecasting and search and rescue operations. They think that 5G will make a big difference in both the quality of life and the productivity of the people of Chengdu. Read More

The Kunpeng Ecological Base in Chengdu, China was launched in September as the crowning achievement of Huawei Technology’s 5th Annual Asia-Pacific Innovation Day. As impressive as the other new technologies were, 5G technology was by far the most important one on show. When it comes to 5G, Huawei is widely regarded as both the industry leader and its most formidable innovator. When 5G comes to Chengdu, it is likely that the city’s infrastructure will be built up quickly.

Chengdu’s Kunpeng Biological Station

GoChengdu put out an article earlier this year with the title “Moving into the fast lane of the information superhighway.” A state-level super-high-definition laboratory, a 5G ultra-high-definition research institute and audiovisual center, a media convergence research center, and a 5G pan-entertainment and media video center were also highlighted, as were the city’s efforts and progress in developing 5G in 2019. The region’s arts, sports, and entertainment sectors will benefit greatly from these new facilities. Internet-based media companies in Chengdu, such as Perfect World Education and Huajiao Livestream, have put a lot of money into this sector.

On September 25th, City of Chengdu officials turned one train at the Taipingyuan Station into a 5G display to brag about the city’s 5G superiority. Passengers on Line 10 of the subway system were provided with 5G-enabled cellphones and computers so that they could see the technology firsthand. The train also provided graphic, video, and conversational illustrations of 5G’s theoretical underpinnings and its practical applications. At the station, there were also a number of exciting virtual reality (VR) devices that were all connected to 5G. This gave people the chance to experience the latest in visual technology and high-speed internet in one convenient place.

Five-Gigabit-Per-Second Technology

Chengdu, China has been using 5G technology long before the rest of the world has caught up with it. However, Chengdu is still a hotbed for 5G research and development. Due to its forward-thinking foundations and promising economy, Chengdu has the potential to become the next Silicon Valley of technology and creative industries, as well as a utopia for people who want to live without stress and in a convenient way.


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