Can You Self-Generate The Electricity Bill Of MSEB Online?


You may not have received your electricity bill for months during COVID-19, and there may be a DISCOMS fault in the generation of electrical invoices. However, if you wait too long, you will be required to pay a lump sum later, which may be difficult for you, given that summer bills are higher than usual. For an MSEB bill, you can pay and view an electricity bill online by just login in to the official site. Through the official website, you can generate the MSEB bill online. Learn More

Ways of Self-Reading Bill

In the unavailability of bills, some DISCOMs generate bills using “average billing,” which is based on the customer’s prior year’s use. But this may cause chaos, as it is not an accurate way of calculating MSEB bill.

Taking matters into your own hands is one approach to ensure that you receive an accurate bill. The consumer can do it by: 

  • Self-meter reading
  • Self-generation
  • Trust billing.

These are the practices of consumers reading their meters on their own and telling the DISCOM so that it is an appropriate bill.

How to Generate Your MSEB Bill Online?

DISCOMs in Mumbai have made an online form available on their website for customers to report their meter readings. All individuals need to do to generate his/her MSEB bill is:

  • Locate their meter  
  • Verify the number displayed on the meter
  • Send it to your Service Provider.

Detailed Steps to Generate Your MSEB Bill

  • Use your credentials to log in to the official website of MSEB electricity board.
  • Go to the website’s ‘Web Self Service’ section.
  • Select ‘Energy Bill Calculator’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose your ‘Supply Type’ and ‘Tariff’ options.
  • Fill in your Connected Load, Sanction Load, Phase, and Consumption information.
  • To compute your power bill online, click ‘Submit’.’

Please keep in mind that the exact method may vary from one board to the next, but the processes will be similar. All you have to do is go to your board’s official website’s ‘Bill Calculator,’ plug in the details, and you’re done. Read More

You can also do an electricity bill view online and pay the same by following the outlined steps:

  • Go to the official website of MSEB or Mahadiscom by entering your credentials.
  • Click on bill view/pay bill page. 
  • Enter your consumer number, BU code, or select your billing unit from the list, and the captcha code
  • Click submit.
  • Select View Bill from the drop-down menu.
  • It will display the details of your most recent MSEB bill.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the Pay Now button.
  • Pay your bill in your preferred mode.

If the bill has already been paid, the payment details are displayed next to the “pay now” option.

How to Download Your MSEB Bill?

There are two ways to download and print your MSEB bill:

  • Click “Print ” when viewing a printed version of your MSEB electricity bill. There will be a new window open. If a “Save as PDF” option appears on the left side, click it to save the bill to your computer.
  • Click your right mouse button on the printable version of your MAHADISCOM – MSEDCL – MSEB power bill, and select “Save as” to save the bill to your computer.

It is important to note that the WSS (Web Self Service) interface requires all customers to create an account. To register, go to the left-hand menu and select New User Registration, then fill out the relevant profile information and choose a username and password. After completing the registration process, you will receive an email to your profile email address, and you may immediately begin using your login credentials to access services. 

In a Maharashtra energy bill, the BU Code (Billing unit number/Subdivision code) is a four-digit number that identifies the consumer’s location. MSEB has a number of billing units, each of which is designated by a four-digit BU code. If you wish to compute the current month’s power consumption, subtract the current meter reading from the previous month’s data. You may compute the energy charge by multiplying the units by per-unit charges once you know the actual energy use. If you wish to pay your expenses, you can utilize the official Mahavitaran website or third-party websites or apps like PayTM, Google Pay, Amazon, or PhonePe. You can check the status of your MSEB bill using the official website, regardless of how you pay your MSEDCL bill.  There are multiple methods and options to pay your MSEB bill and to electricity bill view online

You can view your Mahavitaran electricity bill online using the MSEB bill view page of the MAHADISCOM / MSEDCL / MAHAVITARAN web self-service portal before making MSEB Online Bill Payment. Now you may develop a plan of action by simply enrolling on the website and making use of the services offered by the service provider.


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