Best LED TV Models with New Cognitive XR Processor


Sony is one of the best TV manufacturers in the world today. Sony is immensely popular among customers with its wide range of TVs available between 49 and 65 inches. The owner of Sony TV always sticks to the brand even if they prefer to buy updated models. The brand has an extensive range of TVs with all the advanced features, including 4K models and the latest OLED panels. Sony is future-ready with its technical expertise as it offers 8K TV sets as well for customers who are willing to leap to the future.

Sony TVs are equipped with  High Dynamic Range (HDR) support which shows you the variation between light and dark parts of the picture, enabling you to see a more detailed image. The different LED TV Price bands include HDR formats like HLG, Dolby Vision, and HDR10.  Read More

The various models of Sony TVs use the Android operating system, which is compatible with all the in-demand 6stream apps, including Prime Video, Netflix,  Disney+, Hotstar, and YouTube. You can buy a wide range of LED TVs on EMI at Bajaj Mall. Using the voice assistant feature, you can control all the functions through your voice, whether it is searching for the latest content or switching off your smart TV.

What is a cognitive XR processor?

Cognitive XR is the latest, intelligence-optimized processor that investigates and understands enormous quantities of data. The processor then enhances every frame, pixel, and scene. This overall process creates the most lifelike and quality-rich surround sound, which is the unique feature of cognitive XR processors as per the claims made by Sony. Sony Bravia cognitive processor XR integrates the AI capabilities of its X1 predecessor with a system that is now designated as cognitive intelligence. 

AI features analyze the picture and signals of the sound and make use of machine learning data for processing. Cognitive intelligence tries to add a more human-based perspective to classify and improve the audio-visual performance and create a human-like experience (how humans observe and hear).

As per Sony, cognitive XR is the world’s first TV picture processing, which initiates with a scene detection stage to recognize and boost the main focal points. This advanced technique adds a greater depth to the image shown, which ultimately enhances the picture quality. This advanced cognitive XR processor looks at numerous zones and other related elements via color, texture, contrast, details and depth of a particular frame and makes a cross-analysis to enhance the most significant element.

Best-rated cognitive XR processor-based LED TV sets

Sony (65 Inch) Ultra HD 4K LED TV (XR65A80J)

Sony A80J is powered by a cognitive XR processor for an immersive video viewing experience and supports audio-visual reality features for top-class audio quality. This Sony TV has slim bezels on all sides and a thicker chin on the bottom side. The advanced TV model supports XR OLED contrast functions for more depth and texture to the video quality. 

Furthermore, the TV is equipped with XR Triluminos Pro which regenerates the 3D color and depth with human-based intelligence for creating naturally attractive colors. The assisted XR motion clarity technology maintains images precisely to reduce blurring during the action or high-speed scenes.

This A80J OLED TV has a dedicated module for an ultra-smooth gaming experience and has HDMI 2.0 port for connectivity, and supports 4K 120fps video features. Other significant features include XR OLED Contrast, XR Motion Clarity, and XR Triluminos Pro. Additionally, this OLED TV also sports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technology for an outstanding audio-visual experience. The smart TV also supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple AirPlay version 2 to help you seamlessly control your TV in hands-free mode. 

This smart TV is designed using light sensors, ambient optimization sensors, and audio-based auto-calibration technology to guarantee advanced functions. Sony has launched 55-inch and 77-inch models in the A80J OLED series so that you can choose as per your screen size requirements. You can consider buying this feature-rich model at an LED TV price of Rs. 2,50,000 from Bajaj Mall.

Sony  (55 Inch) Ultra HD 4K LED smart TV (XR-55X90J)

Sony XR90J is the most advanced smart TV option available in India at present. It faces stiff competition in the QLED and LED ranges, as there are options available from Samsung smart TV, TCL and OnePlus which are priced similar to the Sony models. But Sony has a distinct advantage over all the other models because of its unique cognitive XR processor. The Sony Bravia XR-55X90J is an Ultra HD LED TV with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and sports Triluminos technology Sony. This advanced version of Sony supports HDR features along with HRD10, HLG, and Dolby Vision setup (Like Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos) for sound quality enhancement.

This TV is powered using the advanced XR cognitive processor, allowing the TV to catch the focal point and improve the picture quality as the human-based standards. Hence, the picture quality is observed to be natural looking and unique in its features, which enhances the viewing experience. This model from Sony is the first to function on the Google TV UI. 

The voice assistance features from Google and similar properties enhance the control features of this smart TV. The LED TV price of this power-packed TV from Sony is Rs. 1,38,000 if you secure your purchase from  Bajaj Mall. Sony has launched 65-inch and 77-inch models in the A80J OLED series so that you can choose as per your screen size requirements.

The Bajaj Mall provides you with a wide range of Sony TV On EMI and electronic appliances to choose from. The Bajaj Mall can be your one-stop solution for all the technology-based requirements and the models also come at a discounted price. You can also use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and purchase your preferred model on No Cost EMI.


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