Best Farmhouse Decor Ideas 2022


There are hundreds of thousands of reasons why it is difficult for us to refuse the farmhouse interior style. The rustic, simple, and warm that this style brings makes anyone feel the closeness, familiarity, and comfort of the house. Farmhouse interior style has cleverly interwoven the old traditional values in a subtle and sincere way where space escapes the hustle and bustle of the city. And here are the best farmhouse decor ideas for 2022.

The formation of the Farmhouse interior style

The original Farmhouse style was not a design plan intended for home decoration, but simply a creation from practical needs. The roots of the concept of the Farmhouse style date back to 16th and 17th century Europe. After that, it quickly spread to America, where the style was developed very strongly.

With the original purpose of being a place to live and work for farmers, and construction materials. They are easy to find in the countryside such as large wooden boards, usually, pine, are used to the fullest extent. The furniture in the family, mainly handmade, is very simple, rustic, and comfortable for daily life.

Depending on the country, this interior style will have its own identity. If the British people show their love for nature, flowers, and plants through decorative frames in their homes. The Farmhouse style in France will immediately associate with a space full of flowers with rustic wooden furniture. Rustic, simple but very elegant and attractive.

Classic Farmhouse style features

The classic Farmhouse interior style still maintains the core elements of the farm:

Natural wood accents: Large wooden panels that still retain the natural rough color are prominent features of the Farmhouse interior style. Dark wood color combined with light wall color creates a striking contrast for the house. Space is opened to the outside so that the maximum amount of light enters the room.

Color: Light colors such as white, gray, beige, or pastel colors are often used in the Farmhouse style. Because it brings a feeling of relaxation, coolness, and lightness.

Focus on the kitchen: Since the original starting point of the Farmhouse style is to optimize the function to serve daily activities on the farm. The kitchen is the heart of a house in this style. The sink, faucet, and kitchen cabinets are exquisitely decorated and carved with patterns. At the same time, the kitchen often has a window overlooking the garden and arranges to create a feeling of relaxation, peace, and harmony with nature. 

Vintage Furniture and Accessories: An easy way to decorate the Farmhouse style is to use vintage furniture. If the farm style in the UK is the picture frames of plants and flowers. In the US it is the images of cowboys wandering in the vast fields.

Sometimes fresh flowers in a natural and somewhat “wild” style also appear in every corner, bringing the color and breadth of nature to spread throughout the house. Flowers have become one of the basic features indispensable in the interior of the Farmhouse style in France. Don’t forget to find discount codes on which will help you save more money when buying flowers. 

Fabrics and textures: Materials and patterns on small furniture such as nightstands, curtains, or carpets in the house also contribute a lot to the design of a Farmhouse-style space. Prioritize the use of raw fabrics, and linen fabrics with floral motifs to create a feeling of comfort and closeness both in terms of space and nature around the house. In addition, old patterns and motifs also create a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity.

Subtle transition of classic and modern Farmhouse style

After Fixer Upper – an American reality TV show about home design broadcast in 2013, the public was very interested in Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Modern Farmhouse style. This design is expressed through exposed beams, accented with antique artifacts, handcrafted furniture, and a neutral color palette.

Space has an elegant yet cozy feel, tinged with a flair of industrial style. This has made the Farmhouse style suitable not only for country houses but also for urban apartments.

The modern Farmhouse style became popular and popular. Currently, there are many different variations of modern farmhouse furniture. Some homes combine rustic elements with a rustic flair, while others add boho details like woven furniture and perforated patterns. From there, creating a modern Farmhouse style is flexible, but the core still keeps a very attractive simple space.

The modern farmhouse color palette becomes neutral and gently contrasts with the decorative pieces. White is the color that can be found in most modern Farmhouse style homes. This color palette easily brightens up the whole space, combined with modern architectural materials such as granite or stainless steel to create the delicate lines of the farm space.

Modern Farmhouse-style furniture is gradually becoming more sophisticated. Reduce the rusticity, and the simplicity of the classic farmhouse interior and add correctness, soft lines, and stylization to the pattern. Some common combinations in Farmhouse interiors today are the interference between modern Farmhouse with Scandinavian or with minimalism. In addition, you can also read more reviews on to choose the right decoration style for your home

Why choose the Farmhouse style?

The warmth and closeness that the Farmhouse style brings is the feeling that most people want to have in their home.

The farmhouse style is quite versatile, combining well with other styles such as industrial or traditional. You will enjoy the country feeling right where you live.

Living space is comfortable, open to nature, simple, and rustic but still full of sophistication and uniqueness of each house.

For Asians, this style is also iconic in the Western world, adopting this style in Asia is often associated with a Western-oriented personality of the host…


Inspired by the farms in the peaceful countryside of France, Italy, and England…. The farmhouse interior style shows rustic but does not include sophistication. Above is an article about the best farmhouse decor ideas for 2022, hope it will help you in designing your house. You can follow or to find more great ideas in home decoration and lifestyle.


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