Anti-Theft Devices And How They Affect Car Insurance


Your car is an expensive product and must be protected from thieves. We install various anti-theft devices on our vehicles like car central locking system, GPS trackers, car alarms, immobilizers, etc to keep our cars safe when parked and out of the prying hands of thieves. Such anti-theft devices are available at any online automotive accessories store.

Car theft is a common occurrence depending on the location where the car is parked and if there are any anti-theft devices installed on the vehicle. No matter how secure the parking lot is, thieves always find a way around and manage to break into our personal vehicles. Security devices can prove essential in discouraging thieves and vandals from their crimes.

Anti-theft devices not only keep your car safe; they also are responsible for reducing insurance premiums for your vehicle.

How do Anti-theft devices and insurance premiums correlate?

There are various types of anti-theft devices you can install on your car from alarms to locks. All these devices help secure the vehicle and have a correlation to car insurance. The car insurance is taken out by the policyholder to protect the vehicle. If any incident such as theft, an accident or an act of God takes place, the insurance company will pay out a sum of money to the insured person.

In the case of theft, if the car has a number of anti-theft devices installed, the chance of a burglary is reduced. Insurance companies encourage car owners to install such devices and reward them with a lower insurance premium for the car.

Advantages of installing anti-theft devices

There are certain benefits of installing anti-theft devices on cars that are outlined below.

Prevents burglary

An anti-theft device installed on a car will discourage thieves from attempting to steal the vehicle. Cars which have alarms, locks and immobilizers just make the thief’s task more difficult and they will be reluctant to take a risk in case they get caught.

Insurance premium discount

Installing anti-theft devices and informing the insurance company about it can provide you with a discount on your insurance premium for a comprehensive car insurance policy. The reason is the car is more secure and there is less chance of a theft taking place. The car insurance company assumes less risk and will charge a discounted premium for the policyholder.

Claim settlement

In case a theft does take place, the insurance company is more likely to make a payout because the policyholder has taken active measures to prevent the theft. There is no hint of foul play and the insurance company understands that it was a genuine case of theft.

Avoid the hassle

An anti-theft device will most likely save you from all the trauma of such an incident, visits to the local authorities, insurance claim procedures, etc. Your life will be much simpler and you can rest easy knowing your car is safe when parked.

Saves you money

It is true that anti-theft devices are not cheap, but the security they offer for your expensive vehicle cannot be overlooked. In case of a theft, you will receive the Insured Declared Value and not the actual cost of the vehicle. Anti-theft devices save you money in the long run.

What are the different types of anti-theft devices?

You should install a good quality anti-theft device if you park your car in an unsafe area. Here are some of the most common security devices you can buy for your car:

Car alarm

These devices are proximity sensitive and can detect the slightest vibration or attempt to enter the car. As soon as the device detects something wrong, an audible warning such as an alarm bell will sound and alert you of the break-in.

GPS vehicle tracker

In case the car gets stolen, this GPS tracker can tell you the vehicle’s exact location so that it can be retrieved.

Car immobilizer

These systems will switch off the ignition and fuel pump if there is a break-in. The vehicle cannot be driven in this state and the thieves will have to abandon the car.

Steering lock

These devices lock the steering in one position making it impossible for the thieves to drive away.


Insurance companies state that you can be offered a discount of 2.5% on the insurance premium for your car insurance while buying or renewing the policy.

New cars come with many anti-theft devices installed by the manufacturer to make your life simpler. However, there are many such security devices available at online car accessory stores and installation is quick and easy.

It is not mandatory to install such devices on your car, but it comes with many benefits and provides you with peace of mind.

Even if you have installed anti-theft devices on your car, it is advisable to park it in a safe area and use a car cover for added security. 

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