6 Incredible Facts About Custom Cigarette Packaging


The importance of cigarette packaging cannot be ignored in this modern era. The reasons are many but the major aspect of custom packaging is that it is more than a protective envelope. Brands use packaging designs that are child-resistant and tend to create more secure packaging. They use printed boxes so that they can communicate important information to the audience. In this way, custom packaging works as a salesman who does not need to verbally communicate the product details.

Competitive packaging needs professional handling to be manufactured effectively. Therefore, you must consciously hire a builder after all it’s about your brand reputation as packaging is the major representative of the supplier. You may choose a professional packaging company that would facilitate you in every aspect of the packaging and you could get every feature from one place.

Robust And Durable Packaging

Custom packaging offers you different options of materials so that you can choose the most suitable one. For cigarettes, cardboard and kraft paper materials are considered highly effective. You can provide a sturdy covering to your cigarette items if you are using these boxes. This is because cardstock or kraft material is strong and so these boxes can keep the product safe and secure.

Cardboard packaging is an excellent option for the suppliers as these boxes improve the shelf life of the product. You can keep your products safe in these boxes without worrying about brand image. This is because these boxes are durable and can keep the tobacco cigarettes safe from external conditions such as moisture. Chain smokers who always keep a cigarette box along with them can surely rely on these boxes.


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When it comes to saving money, smart brands know how to do it right. They get amazing stuff at a reasonable cost. Cardboard or kraft packaging is one of the best examples. These boxes are highly cost-effective. This is because these materials are easily accessible and you can surely get them from the market. However, if you are looking for ready-made solutions which are the most suitable option in this fast time, you can also get them at an affordable price. This is why every brand can have custom boxes irrespective of their business size.

You can get retail as well as wholesale packaging however wholesale packaging is more beneficial if you need large volumes of packaging stock. You can get them at a low price compared to retail costs. Besides, these boxes are lightweight and so your shipping cost will also be reduced.

Personalized Solution

A customized solution is far better than the standard packaging. You can represent your brand however you find best by using custom cigarette packaging. This is because custom packaging offers you diverse options in every detail.

  • You can choose certain packaging materials out of different options such as cardboard, kraft, chipboard and paperboard, and corrugated cardboard. You may also use rigid boxes if you want to give a luxurious touch to your product.
  • You can get a certain size box based on the size of cigarette rolls. Generally, a pocket-size cigarette box is used.
  • You have multiple printing options out of which you can choose a particular one. These techniques include offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing, and digital printing.
  • You can surely improve the appearance of the product by applying different varnishes such as spot UV, PVC lamination, gloss/matte/shimmery coatings, and aqueous coating.
  • Cigarette boxes mostly have inserts in them that improve customers’ experience with the brand. For instance, you can use cardboard sliders and punch inserts.

Versatile Designs

The design of custom boxes plays an important role in keeping the product intact and so influences customer behavior. Cardboard or kraft materials are flexible due to which you can easily get whichever packaging style you want to get. However, the product’s nature should be considered a compulsion. In this facet, custom packaging offers you diverse designs such as:

  • Flip-top box
  • Hinged lid box
  • Tuck-end or slotted boxes
  • Boxes with window patch
  • Display containers
  • Slider boxes

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Besides the structure of the box, you can surely get customized boxes’s templates for layout and overall packaging theme. For this purpose, you can get unique templates for labels and printing. Moreover, you get a variety of color combinations so that you can easily choose the suitable ones.

Branding Tool

Custom packaging helps you in promoting your brand without taking extra cost. Packaging boxes imprinted with brand name and logo are a great marketing weapon. Besides, warning labels are a plus point. These details help you craft a professional impression due to which people would trust you and consider buying from you.

A customer would pick up a product that entices him from a distance. Once he picked it up, the imprinted brand identity on the box will surely give him a gesture of authenticity. These details help the consumer to remember the supplier for a considerable period and ultimately he will become your loyal customer. In this way, you can reduce the advertisement cost with the help of printed boxes.

Green Solution

Almost every product supplier is now using eco-friendly packaging. It is a great approach that helps the supplier to reveal your sincerity for the environment. Considering this aspect, the cardstock package is the best option. Cardboard or kraft materials are obtained from natural sources such as wood pulp, agriculture wastes, grass, and other cellulose fibers. Therefore the manufacturing of these boxes does not emit carbon irritants.

These boxes are used multiple times as they are highly renewable. Moreover, they are highly biodegradable and do not spread toxic substances. Therefore, these boxes help you build a sincere impression.


Cigarette packaging is the best solution if you are looking for cost-effective boxes. These boxes are secure, strong, and durable, therefore cigarette rolls can be kept safe in them. You can surely design these boxes following your desire. You can use these boxes as a branding tool by printing your brand features on them. As a result, your business growth would be reinforced.



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