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Getting unverifiable calls from random phone numbers can be quite a displeasing experience. As displeasing as it may be, it happens quite often and to most of us. 

Challenges of this sort have caused us to dig deep seeking potential solutions to help identify unverifiable phone calls with the use of reverse phone lookup utilities. Thankfully, this tends to solve the problem to a significant degree. Visit the listing of the best ways to check suspicious phone calls.

In an effort to protect our children, and catch obsessive exes in the act, we have compiled a list of some of the best ways to reveal the identities behind those phone numbers.

In this article, we’re going to look at the 5 best ways to check the identities of unknown cell phone numbers. 

  1. NumLookeroffers a truly extensive database sourced from periodically updated public service records
  2. WhoCallMeoffers 100% confidentiality as its unique selling proposition
  3. USPhoneLookupattributes its significantly large database to security breaches.
  4. WhoseNumberoffers a broad database, and a relatively fast search utility.
  5. USPhoneSearchprovides information about current and past locations, photos, age, name, and gender to mention a few


NumLooker takes the top spot on this list of the 5 best ways to check the identities of unknown cell phone numbers and for good reason. It offers a truly extensive database sourced from periodically updated public service records to ensure reliability and updated information for its users.

Perhaps NumLooker’s unique selling proposition is its extremely user-friendly graphical user interface. This GUI ensures that everyone regardless of age, exposure, and level of education can use this online utility to access required information with minimal effort.

Another factor that makes NumLooker an industry leader in this regard is its policy of confidentiality. This policy suggests that all queries and instigators are kept confidential. No information in this regard is shared with others for marketing or any other reason for that matter. 

This means that users of NumLooker can search for odd numbers without being trailed.


  • Very easy to use
  • Extensive database
  • Confidentiality
  • Free basic reports


  • Paid premium reports
  • May redirect if the requested information is unavailable

Visit NumLooker to get access to the largest reverse phone lookup databases 


WhoCallMe offers 100% confidentiality as its unique selling proposition. It also offers a wide range of features such as a large database and a 24/7 customer care service for users.

WhoCallMe is a truly functional reverse phone lookup solution. While it isn’t exactly the easiest to navigate, it makes up with an efficient search algorithm. With multiple number tracing methods, users can almost guarantee a positive result for all cell phone number searches.


  • It is a functional reverse phone lookup utility
  • Multiple numbers tracing methods
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% confidentiality


  • Not the most user-friendly user interface.
  • Redirects to another website (at the time of this writing)

Visit WhoCallMeto to find the name of that unknown caller


USPhoneLookup sits comfortably at number three (3) on this list. Unlike other reverse phone lookup utilities on this list, USPhoneLookup attributes its significantly large database to security breaches. 

Its offerings are also somewhat unique, prompting users to check their internet trail on the online utility before going into interviews and meetings with potential clients. The idea behind this is to avoid any surprises at such meetings, and curb these surprises before they cause any significant damage[.


  • It’s completely free
  • A unique selling proposition
  • Easy to use


  • Might redirect to another website (at the time of this writing)
  • Depending on your location some features may not be accessible.


WhoseNumber functions in a similar manner to most other reverse phone lookup services as it offers a broad database, and a relatively fast search utility. It’s important to note that on this website, there exist a number of non-functional features, namely, phone directory, and address lookup.

While these features are not functional at the moment, there’re plans to add them to the existing functional features, and that could see WhoseNumber go up on this list of five best ways to check who called.


  • Fast results
  • Broad database
  • Unique user interface


  • Redirects to another website as at the time of this writing


With USPhoneSearch, users can access a ton of information on most numbers, the challenge, however, remains its restrictive database which fancies quality information on a few, over quantity at the expense of quality. 

This means that USPhoneSearch provides rather detailed information for numbers contained in its database, and no information at all for cell phone numbers that are not in its database.

USPhoneSearch provides information about current and past locations, photos, age, name, and gender to mention a few. It has arguably one of the most detailed search results on this list.


  • Detailed search results
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Restrictive database
  • Might require payment based on the location

How To Choose Phone Lookup Services?

Choosing the perfect phone lookup service requires certain key considerations. These considerations ensure optimal user experience and functionality. Some of these considerations include

Ease of use

It makes very little sense to have a reverse phone lookup utility that’s difficult to use. If you think about it, users could as well contact law enforcement to get these details and have potential stalkers or scammers handled in one fell swoop. The idea of having an online reverse phone lookup service is to provide an easy way to get verifiable information on suspicious cell phone numbers

Extensive database

The larger a database, the higher the probability of successful searches. Reverse phone lookup utilities with non-existent databases cannot function as the entire business model is based on the information required by the users.


When running a background check, one of the most important considerations is the confidentiality of the check. It’s important that the owner of the suspicious cell phone number has no idea that they are being checked out.


There you have it, five (5) best ways to check who the mystery caller is, and how to follow up. NumLooker remains a formidable contender in this regard owing to its express access to public service records and user-friendly online utility. Others also offer certain strengths and weaknesses, making up for areas where others are lacking.

At the end of the day, the choice of the user lies within the needs of specific users.


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